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    Hi everyone. I just finished my first week as a casual driver. It's a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I absolutely love it. It's been about 100 degrees up here and I'm a heavy sweater so I'm soaked by 1300. It doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure how customers feel about seeing a driver that looks like he just came out of a pool.

    Anyways, I'm happy to have this job. Even though it's "casual" or "seasonal" it's still the only job I got after 10 years in the Army. 52 applications, 100 resume submissions, 12 Veteran's career fairs and UPS was the only company to give me an opportunity. I originally looked at this job as a temporary stepping stone but after learning more about the company and working a few shifts, it's something I would really like to make a career of. I know that my chances of becoming a full time driver are slim because of the 5-1 hiring ratio for outside hires. However, the Supervisor who was training me said a lot of the casual drivers are UPSers that have tried multiple times to become a full time driver but haven't made it. I don't know if that really affects the 5:1 hires or not. Anyways, I like the company and am grateful for the opportunity I have been given so if I am not kept as a full time driver, is it easy to get hired as a full time loader or sorter? Any real info would be great. thank you.
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    Thank you for your service!! Good luck!!
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    Welcome to the Browncafe Mike. The answers to your question really depend on your center and their staffing needs. Each center is different when it comes to the openings for getting hired on the part-time shifts or full-time.

    One thing I can tell you is that things can change quickly. UPS is always trying to get the job done with as few workers as possible , and if someone leaves or gets injured they will have to fill the opening in a hurry.

    It sounds like you are putting yourself in a position to fill that opening if it does come up. Good luck.
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    Welcome to BC and UPS.

    Avoid sweated up browns by wearing a t-shirt underneath. Yes it will feel a bit warmer at first but once it is soaked it will actually keep you cooler. An fit will also keep your browns dry and salt free (except for the spot on your sleeve that you keep wiping your forehead on ;))
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    I would also like to thank you for your service.

    There is a difference between a "casual" and a "seasonal" driver. A seasonal driver is hired to help out during busy seasons (summer and Peak) while a casual driver is a permanent hire who does not have their own route and is not guaranteed to work every day or to even work 8 hours if they do work.

    Both are good ways to get your foot in the door--your work performance could make or break the deal.
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    Wear under armor or a generic form of it underneath. I never have sweat stained armpits or a sweaty wet back even on the hottest days.
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    When i was a casual i was told by the hiring HR manager "there was 100% no way of this turning into a full time job." Needless to say he was wrong. Just work hard/safe and hope for the best.
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    Was a seasonal driver last year, July through December 30th, was brought in as a part timer second week of january. Since January have sorted, loaded straight trucks, sat air driver. I am now a part time pm air driver.

    center manager has said that if there was a full time off the street spot open, he would have offered it, so now I bide my time starting at the bottom. I work at a building with 3 centers and 5 of us were offered a par time position and I was the only one from my center. If you work hard and don't screw up to badly they probably will offer you something.
    just my thoughts!