New Combo Jobs Go Poof!!!

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    Under the five-year Old Contract, UPS did not have to create any Article 22.3 Combo Jobs during Year One or Year Two. During the third, fourth, and fifth years, UPS was obligated to create 2,500 Combo Jobs each year by combining two part-time jobs to make a new full-time job. Now the New Contract has been ratified and put in force more than seven months early. In the new contract, the language that obligates UPS to create Article 22.3 Combo Jobs has been deleated. Thus not only will there be no additional 10,000 Combo Jobs created from August 1 2008 thru July 31, 2013, but it seems even the obligation to create 2,500 jobs in the final year (Year Five) of the Old Contract has been retroactively erased!

    Does anyone know if UPS fulfilled its obligation to create all the Year Four jobs last year? Did UPS begin creating any Year Five jobs between August 1, 2007 and the day the New Contract superseded the Old Contract (December 19, 2007)? If UPS did begin creating such jobs, maybe those few jobs can be saved, maybe not. It may take a judge to decide that. But it looks like those who voted "Yes" on the New Contract, have cost us about 10,000 future Combo Jobs, and about 2,500 Year Five Combo Jobs that were already agreed to for this year! Am I wrong?

    Here's the language everyone voted on from Article 22.3 of the National Master Agreement. [ The middle four paragraphs are deleted in the New Contract, and the last sentence is a new addition.]

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    Slightly off subject, but where can I get a link to a copy of the new contract?
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    I think two of our 22.3 jobs in ENE have been eliminated...I refuse to go into detail without first of all info from these individuals and for discretionate sp? reasons ... up here we'll be looking closely at the next bids and comparing to 2007 to see what is on the boards in a few weeks....
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    And this from MakeUPSDeliver about Providence Rhode Island Combo Jobs . . .

    [Note that TDU seems to think UPS is still obligated to create 2500 Year Five Combo Jobs. I hope they're right, but I'm not holding my breath.]

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    2500 new combo jobs are still coming before August 1, and all of these jobs will have the two-year progression instead of the new three-year progression...
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    I guess that all of the obligations on the company to create 2,500 combo jobs was fulfill elsewhere in the country. I do not know of any official combo jobs in our center. We do have a few guys that work both morning and evenings but only one is their regular job, the other is on a fill in basis and can be stopped at any time.
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    That's how it reads to me.
    Has the ratification been 60 days yet? I'd bet the is no report forthcoming anytime soon.
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    I started feeders in November as a P/Ter and explained that I would like to shape a job. I have twenty + years driving doubles and triples and worked the Teamsters MFA for years. I hope they are still moving forward.
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    Great point. This was one of the biggest reasons I voted NO on this contract.

    All of us, including the "union" would benefit from MORE full time jobs.

    It would bring in more full time DUES for the union and since there are many right to work states where the part timers come and go, with many not joining the union.

    If there were more "combo" full time jobs there would be more of us "Teamsters" to educate and sign up new memebers.

    As many of us approach the 20 year mark or longer with the company we wonder how we will make it to retiement. These combo jobs would allow us older worn out workers to downshift and make it to retirement. We would take a pay cut, but we would open a driver position for the younger workers to also upgrade their life.

    People just had tunnel vision with the "retirement improvements?" being offered that they forgot to read the rest of the contract, or lack there of!!!!

    The union was pushing for such a quick rush rush vote that there was no chance for the average memeber to really have an objective opinion about what was all in or NOT in the contract.

    Thanks for bringing this out in the open.
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    Rushing ratification was more the companies than the unions. Remember the IBT said get it done by Oct. 31st or see you next year. That was a big gamble for both. After Dec. 31st the liability for UPS to withdraw from Central States would go up. UPS wanted to play poker and bluff the IBT. and it didn't pay off.
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    Can you explain to me how the company didn't suceed at bluffing the IBT? And pay off? I'd definitely say the company came out ahead this time around. Not totally, but I think they did.
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    You can thank all the drivers that steal these combo jobs by coming in and loading there own truck when it's the preloaders job to do...

    You can also blame these drivers for leaving the building early before there start time without pay doing the work of an additional job.....I also suggest any supervisor telling someone to start before your start time you will get nailed....We had a supervisor telling drivers to get up there and load there truck before they start....Guess what happened to that sup? Yep, a :censored2: off driver called up OSHA and sup was immediatly terminated!

    Maybe if 10 drivers started the time they are suppose to, there would be a combo job to create! I don't feel sorry for all you new hires anymore..............its seems everybody is for them selves.....I want the old days back!!!!

    my2 cents!!
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    I don't consider 6.1 Billion ahead.
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    there's no improved language for the combo like proctecting their jobs & there's a situation right now where some of the jobs are being reconfigured with out going through the union in so cal. the southwest package rider lower the company seniority for package car drivers from 20 to 15 years, so good luck part timers. there's nothing stated that ups isn't obilgated to create more additional full time jobs. peace:peaceful:
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    in our building at least 12 jobs are going up for bid and maybe even more. this is coming from my preload supervisor.
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    We also have about 10-12 new article 22.2 and 22.3 jobs currently posted. I know this comment may offend some management and hourly employees, but here it goes: Overall, I really enjoy having article 22.3 employees (almost half of my current staff)! These folks are good, reliable workers that handle their job assignment with a professional attitude.

    I think the Union and Management agreed to these jobs with the presumption that the article 22.3 employee would escalate from a part-time (inside) employee to full-time (inside) employee, eventually ascending to a full-time delivery employee.

    The problem, in my opinion, is that too many full-time delivery employees bid into these article 22.3 jobs, thus undercutting the chances of the part-time folks gaining a full-time position. Past trends usually have shown that full-time delivery employees went to Feeders; not now.

    I wish that the contract language would have prevented this current situation.

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    I understand what you're saying, but I disagree with your premise. First of all, the 22.3 inside only jobs top rate is 6/hr less than FD. This is a large paycut that 90% of drivers don't want to take. There shouldn't be language preventing drivers from stepping down into a 22.3, there'd be some newer drivers 1-3 years would want to step down to an inside/inside or inside/outside if they didn't like the route, covering or the job period.

    Secondly, the 22.3 inside/out combos are the ones that FD's with over 20 years really should want ( that don't mind running an air, shuttle route or the likes). This is a bit exploitable, too.

    Usually these inside/out jobs are the last to be bid on so the people getting them are like myself, making a low inside wage. This was by design/ insie/outside jobs are the least desirable, last to be bid, and least money of 22.3s. But if you've got many years in, employee recieves a part-time wage for inside work that would easily exceed the top inside wage! Therefore you're making more than an inside/inside and close to a FD with a job closest to the bottom of the totem pole ( in theory ).
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    recently in our local about 11 combo jobs were posted. this is from the previous agreement where ups from august 1st 2007 to july 31st 2008 the remaining 2,500 combo jobs nation wide. after that the language was removed from this contract that passed. we'll see once the current combos retired after august 1st of this year, if those jobs will be fullfilled. i'm wondering when i leave, will part timers fullfill my jobs? that good your building(laguna) is getting 12 jobs & how about anaheim? thank for the info:peaceful: