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    I was asked by someone Friday this question and I couldn't give them an honest answer.

    If you were a driver that was qualified on the old 3 year pay progression contract and if that progression changes on this contract is that driver entitled to any raises? Lets say the driver was being paid the 20.75 and has 5 months left until making top pay. I don't know if the new contract changes this or not but lets say theres another raise leading up to the top pay. Is that driver entitled to that?
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    He stays in the three year progression. Art 41.2(c) states those entering FT job after aug1, 2013 will get the four year progression.


    That's what I said but a feeder driver that was involved in this discussion told me that I was wrong. Are you certain this is correct?
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    I added the article in the contract above art 41.2(c). excludes air jobs
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    Feeder drivers can be wrong.......
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    If you were in progression prior to 8/1/13 you will not be affected by the changes in the new agreement.
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    What if you start driving after 8/1/13, and get all the way through the three year progression before they ratify this agreement
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  10. Our BA said that we would get the higher of the new or old progression rates. I think he was just saying anything to get us to vote for the contract though.
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    Here is the way I look at it.... If you were hired prior to 8/1/13 you are under the 3 year progression. When you signed the bid sheet to go F/T you knew that you were signing up for a 3 year progression ( the new contract didn't exist) there is no way that will change. I kind of sucks for me because I was hired F/T at the end of September 2013, under a contract extension since we are all following the "old" contract rules, I feel that I should fall under the "old" progression. But when the new one is ratified it will be back dated so I will fall under the 4 year.