New Corporate Automotive Policy?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bottomups, May 15, 2012.

  1. bottomups

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    My start time is 845am daily, and the TP60 usually pulls into my satellite center between 850 and 9am. Got a call this morning at 915 from the driver who pulls the trailer to me and says he has not left the building yet. He had a dead battery on his package car and was waiting for automotive to get it started. Automotive would not jump start the package car off of the one next to it. Because of the tight fit on the line up, mechanic had to wait until the later starting drivers left the building so he could tow the package car to the shop. Once in the shop they installed a new battery. I guess there was some HEATED discussion between the mechanic and my on car about how long he was taking to get the car on the road. Automotive supervisor stated it was a new corporate policy that batteries CANNOT be jumped anymore and new batteries must be installed. Can only assume that someone had a battery blow up in their face?
    Needless to say, I got my TP60 90 minutes late today. Had 6 late air and a long day!
    Any of you brown mechanics out there heard of this new policy?
  2. Jackburton

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    This has been the case for at least a year now. I know when I had to get mine replaced the mechanic told me it was a safety issue. We used to have a mag liner with charged batteries we could jump the package car ourselves with. They got rid of it about the same time they started the replacement policy
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    I wonder how many of the mechanics would do this with their personal vehicles.
  4. Indecisi0n

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    I saw our mechanic just the other way jumping a battery with a battery tender.
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    I would think it would be more effective than using a chicken tender.

    Put my heart in a blender.

    Go on a weekend bender.

    I'd like to talk to that girl but don't want to offend(h)er.

    We'll let it pass as you are a first time offender.

    Be careful you don't go off the deep end(er).
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  6. Kirk

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    At our center we would be screwed!! Because our mechanic does not start till 2 in the afternoon!
  7. hondo

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    Hmm, maybe along with this new automotive policy there is also a new policy about not using air drivers to deliver premium service packages "that cannot be delivered by the regular full-time package car driver".
  8. Monkey Butt

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    I'm sure a supervisor would have jumped you off.
    Management is not bound by the "rules".

    I sure love Double Standards!
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    That's against sexual harassment guidelines , Buddy.
  10. browntruckmechanic

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    This is not a new policy. Been in effect for at least 10yrs. The thought behind it is that the unknown variables that could have caused the battery to be dead... Ie does battery have a bad cell, is there a draw on the battery that is greater than 30miliamps, and if so would the car have time to fully charge the batteries on route taking in consideration how many stops and starts are done during the day. Is the alternator weak sure it may produce 12 volts but only 10 amps, batteries would never charge. Much safer for all involved to change batteries and write up car at end of day.

    And let the rude comments begin..
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Safe to run.

    Parts on order.
  12. rocket man

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    a supervisor doing a union mech,s job ? not on my package car its un safe and he /or she is not qualifed in my book
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    Have you been listening to John Prine?...sisters a nun, hot dog bun...
  14. Ghost in the Darkness

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    They don't have a portable battery charger? They couldn't pull out the truck next to yours to get at it or to tow it to the shop?
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is not meant to be a slam on you but your post is exactly why it is important to read the entire thread before posting.

    The answers to your questions are in post #1.
  16. FracusBrown

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    Towing the truck to the battery makes about as much sense as hauling the drop box back to the center to empty it. Could they have done anything else to slow down the repair?
  17. dilligaf

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    Not around here. Just like not using ether to get the trucks started during the winter.
  18. Ghost in the Darkness

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    This is not meant as a slam to you but I have more things to do in a day than read and meditate on every single word posted in a thread. I'm a casual poster not a hardcore dedicated typer like yourself. For the record the original post didn't say why the truck next to it wasn't moved to change the battery without needing to tow it. I'm sure that would have satisfied the battery changing police who were there and monitoring the situation. Bring a battery over, pop it in, done... not hard. Off the record, our guys have portables and I've seen them use them.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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  20. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Yep it still doesn't say why they didn't pull out the truck next to it and change the battery even after your copy quote. Tight fit doesn't mean it couldn't be moved. Move one truck, install new battery, done. It's UPS, the lineup is always tight but the trucks aren't glued together.
    Also, I've got no problem with the original post or poster. I'm allowed to ask questions and not be pulled over by the forum police.