New Deduction ???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by feederrat1, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. feederrat1

    feederrat1 New Member

    On my paycheck today I got a new deduction of $11.25 for "A/R - Weekly". Anyone know what this is???
  2. feederrat1

    feederrat1 New Member

    I never got a green check. Do you think it's for LEAD money? If so than why am I submitting leads if they just take the money back?
  3. Billy

    Billy New Member

    I think the best thing to do is ask payroll what the deduction is for. I've never heard of them not checking into any problems brought to their attention. There have been many issues later, but the reason why is easy enough to find out by simply asking. Good luck
  4. feederrat1

    feederrat1 New Member

    Cool. Will do. Thanx.
  5. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    This happened in our center today. Some guy had $200 taken out. There were green checks already issued to replace the lost amounts.
  6. ol'browneye

    ol'browneye Active Member

    Did you get anything "free" from UPS recently as in sales lead money or incentive gifts? UPS must put the value on your paycheck so they can tax it, then deduct it again from your total. That could possibly be it.
  7. BURMDPsupe

    BURMDPsupe Member

    In my building last week, there were some problems with union dues/payroll.

  8. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    I like seeing the guaranteed part of the check.
  9. Billy

    Billy New Member

    Some supplements that guarantee doesn't matter, but in some others it could. That means that UPS is only paying toward your pension for the hours worked. In my area it doesn't matter because if we work 1 day in the week they contribute to the pension for the full week. In some supplements they only contribute for each hour worked. You are guaranteed 8 so they pay you, but not your pension for the full day