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  1. We got the news this morn that some of the centers that are on the PAS system will be getting the new diad this month...anyone have any more info??
  2. I've been on the new DIAD for two months now. It's a little easier to use because it's smaller but at first it takes longer to type because they changed the letters around. And some of the letters and numbers are on the same keys. Once you work with it a while it's ok.
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    We're getting the new DIAD on Monday. They let us fool around with a couple of them today. Tiny little things. The only minor problem I see is the numbers and letters are the same keys. So when a barcode doesn't scan and you have to type the whole thing in it will be a pain in the butt to hit the toggle key back and forth to go from numbers to letters.
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    So I heard the new diads have a gps in them. Any word on that and if so ,how Big Brown will abuse our privacy.
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    Are you off your route visiting your girlfriend? Are you lying to your sups when they ask where you are at? If you are being honest and ethical you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about, right?

    It will aid emensely when they are assigning an OCA; we should be able to tell if a driver has already left the area. I can think of another handful of positive uses and I know nothing about how it will work yet.

    If you worked in an office, or at a resturaunt, or for the cable company, shouldn't your boss be able to know where you are on company time? Of course. Don't be stupid or dishonest, and it will become a wonderful job aid. Try to approach it with a positive attitude.
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    I have no problem with GPS, I've seen the new DIADs.
    pretty cool, we'll have ours in 2006, w/ PAS lets hope they don't plan on rolling both out at once...
    hehe.. we have enough trouble.

    As for the GPS, remember you work for a company who's business it is to move packages efficiently

    Hell, PAS EDD should be a welcome change here...
    I have 40 P/U's every day, I love how they get laid out for me..., if Deliveries were that way
    I'd be a happy camper.
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    I won't have any problem with the gps as long as I don't get harrassed for taking my full personal and lunch time like we usually do.
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    Spidey, your full of it. I cant wait to get this new diad. Then maybe these driver sups that have never driven a day in thier life will actually understand that we ARE honest with them all the time.
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    speed: if you think EVERY driver is honest with UPS 100% of the time about where they are during the day, you are kidding yourself.

    In my 25+ years, I've seen many drivers fired for going off their route to do various things, and all involved taking more time for lunch than allowed, running up miles, etc....

    I agree that the GPS units will be a great thing. Just think, a customer can call about a delivery, and with the GPS and EDD, we can tell them an approximate delivery time based on where the driver is at that time. Very cool!
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    I won't go into details, because there are people in my center who know me in here, but please believe me when I say this: Not every driver is honest about where they are and what they are doing. If you want to get defensive about that I can send you some links to news stories, and some personal anicdotes if you like.
    With the majority of your time spent out of view of your employer, it's more common among drivers than, say, dental hygenists.

    Didn't mean to imply you, Speed, are dishonest. Settle down, Son....
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    Now a driver who gets an oca pickup at the end of the day can't tell the supe he's already on his way back to the building. I covered a pickup for the route next to me and saw the driver parked along the street, this is after responding to the office that he was on his way in. I guess the supervisor must have wondered how I got back to the barn before the other guy.
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    Did you know that UPS has been using GPS for about 10 years?

    The company already has the capability to put a GPS unit on a car to track movement. Its mostly used for improving dispatch.

    As far as I know, this caused no issues for employees over those 10 years.

  13. DIAD 3 has gprs capability, just try going into the comm board, then hit the 8 or 9 button, I miss keyed one dat and found it, so the technology has been around a while
  14. We had little black gps boxes in our trucks about 5 years ago on a temp basis,they gave us printouts of our previous day,where we went,stopped,and backtracked,how long we stopped,all color coded.
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    Hey Sendagain
    Dosn't matter if the DIAD has GPS if the driver dosn't look over and respond to the little green light, I get messages all the time to go help just before heading in, I just ignore the light till about 5 seconds before I punch out, OPPS!
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    Its just that I believe supervisors and mgt. seem to be overlooked in this. We just lost a preload sup and driver sup for taking time off our time cards. Didnt mean to get so riled up.
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    privacy while on company time? :lol::lol::lol:
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    yea, like how about taking a dump during the day? can you do that without bigbrown watching?:crying:
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    One thing I don't think anybody has mentioned about the new DIAD is the battery. In our building they seem to go dead by 8:30 pm. Anyone else have this problem? Peak should be interesting.
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    brown as in heroin or.. OHHHHHHHHH i get it :w00t: