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  1. middleofit

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    I have heard thru the grapevine we are going to have yet another new district alignment? How is this going to work? Details please!

    This will be my 3rd or 4th one over the years. Didn't get much detail, just a lot of gossip. But, from what I understand, my district will disolve into three parts and those parts will then be merged into existing districts. This may leave me with no job. :sad-little: Not a happy camper!
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    The only thing ive heard is the DC area is going to get disolved, but not being anywhere that area, its just hearsay
  3. PorkChop Express

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    a bigger building

    No Idea...expanding Peru Ill center and sending drivers home...4 days a week is enough for me 44 hrs a week is perfect!!!
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    What district are you in ??- hearing from some corporate sources that there will be some realignment in pacific region districts and 2 other regions affected...5-8 total districts disolved - i am in pac region and i hear the basin district, oregon, desert mnt and se call are all somehow in the mix?????????????? How would you job be affected?
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    Less people standing around with their hands in their pockets.
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    If you don't understand whether you would be affected or not, you probably will not be affected.
    Based on historical events, unless you are a Staff Manager level 16 & 18 or District Manager level 22, there is little chance of impact.
    Operations personnel, by their nature, are relatively safe. Support personnel is where most of the redundancy occurs.
    Rumors are rampant - 8-10 districts and 1 region eliminated are the latest I have heard. Nothing we can do about it ...just wait and see.
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  7. middleofit

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    I am an admin in one of the West Region Districts. Jobs will go, ops will be fine.
  8. Yeah I've heard this one a couple times as well. The Atlantic and Metro DC Districts are small and geographically very inter-twined. Makes sense to have one DM and staff over the area rather than 2. Drivers and Ops would not be affected. Sales and Support would probably downsize. Reduce one DM and about 6 Div Mgrs.
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    I got "consolidated" a few years ago. I was working in either of 2 buildings and had either a 10 min ride one way or 25 the other. I now can be moved to any one of 5 buildings and have an hour and a half commute to a couple of them due to traffic. With the hours you're already working this really makes for a long day.
  10. tieguy

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    If I could only be close enough to be combined with the hawaii district. What a wonderful life it would be.:happy-very:
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    I've seen a few consolidations over the years, with districts and regions. Human Resources should have a plan to replace Temps with existsting UPS employees.

    May not be the same hours as you work now, or the same work environment, but it is an opportunity to continue your career and reach retirement, if that is your goal.

    This link may help you as well, from the Dept of Labor