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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UncleJT, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Just found these forums and new to UPS as well. Tomorrow morning is my orientation and, according to the person who scheduled my orientation, I'll be working out of a trailer in one of the local golf cart communities here in NW Atlanta. I'm hoping to do a good enough job so that I can stay on, in some capacity, after Dec. 22nd.

    Any tips for a newbie?


    - JT
  2. Wow, I'm a golfcart helper too!

    Today was my first day but I had help (training)... it seems like its gonna be FAIRLY easy so... I hope I'll be okay with the DIAD and the putt-putt of a vehicle.

    I hope I can stay on with UPS after the holidays, too! Talk about mad good hours and benfits (no WEEKENDS?! For REAL?! awesome)...

    My name is Berlin and I work in Marietta.
  3. New to this

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    my first day is Monday what can i expect? will the driver help me out at first? lol i dont even have my uniform yet... wth?
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    New Helper DIAD Training has been developed. It is based on a 2 hour classroom training with DIADs for each student. It is available from IE. It includes info on packages, DRs, Signature stops and Indirects. There are stop exercises as well. Also there is a two-page handout that contains basic DIAD steps. It is called Made Simple.
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    UncleJT, I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you to do your helper job as best as you can. The trick is what you do after 12/22. Keep calling and offering to come back and work. Know the names of at least two persons at the HR department. Write thank-you cards to your driver and the HR gurus. Call them weekly and politely remind them that you are ready to come back on a permanent basis. And have a backup job that you can go to for January and February. If you are lucky, there may be an opening in Jan. or Feb. (someone going off to school) and you can get in before the true bulking of the rosters(early spring for the most part.)
    Even if UPS hires you, remember that you will be at the bottom of the seniority food chain. UPS can only guarantee you 10.5 hours a week, so keep that secondary job until Xmas '08 if possible. Also make friends with the persons in your new workgroup who have the MOST seniority. Knowing when these UPSers want a day off can spell extra hours for you if you are the first to call your supe on that friday without their most senior guys. And once you learn your workarea well( usually about three months) try to learn the workarea/trucks/package cars next to you.
    And don't let your need to please make you forget to do the job safely. You are not going to make a good impression if you cannot come in due to a bad back.
    Good luck and keep in touch!
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    Ill be golf cartin too! lol it is soooo much easier than runnin for a still have to hustle but....
  7. itsmetigress

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    I've said it as well as a few other new hires....DIAD training is NON-EXISTENT in quite a few places......
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    My husband started as a bid air driver on Tuesday and has no idea how to use DIAD and no one will show him. How is is supposed to figure it out?
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    I just had to puck it up as I went. Most of the other helpers here wear tennis shoes, and show up with a hangover or stoned. The driver uses the DIAD, because the they are too stupid/lazy to learn. I hope I can get in. So far, I love this job. My driver sent in a recommendation for me. Will that improve my chances?