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    I have just been hired by UPS for a package car driver, as I will be starting next week. Anyone have some pointers or any information that may be helpful. I have experience as a courier driver from my previous employer, so I am completely new to the UPS world.

    Thanks :)
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    Meet you steward.
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    Forget everything you learned at the old job,you WILL BE RE/PROGRAMED !! LOL Go in with a positive attitude,DON'T be overwhelmed with the amount of pkgs,YOU WiLL get it !! Good luck !!
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    You will be AMAZED how organized, thoughtful, and understanding, your management team are. Remember, they have an open door policy. Just go through with your steward. Good Luck
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    And as a driver you can make a difference. Your opinion is valuable. Your center manager will love to hear your opinions on how to improve the operations.
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    Thanks for the replies, that is good to know. I am excited to start a career with UPS during the opening of the Atlantic Canada operations.
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    I think you will have a good time tell you manager all the things you want changed they will acomadate you. to make your transiton easy. they will sit down with you the day befor have the talk you telll them about your job befor . and if you dont get everything delivered the first day dont worry there is always the next day.
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    U Guyz R $0 B@D !!!! ROLLLLLLLL , ROL.

    Read Covemasters post , and then , read it again !!

    Get 2 know U're Stewert and learn your contract !!

    Take all your breaks and full mid day lunch, don't let them push you to dangerous short cuts . There are many Saftey methodes we have and you must learn them and we have them for a real reason !!! You make sure to follow the safety methodes that they drill you with and no matter how much work they dump on you , FOLLOW THE SAFETY METHODES , and DON"T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP if it's to many stops and Take your breaks , Real , not just enter them in your board !!

    Get plenty of maps and try to look threw the map for what route you might have for the day and by all means safety 1st, no matter the curcumstance , no matter what time they think you should be done !! This is a long term marathon , not a sprint , even though they will try and jam you into a sprint , don't blink @ the pressure !!!!!

    You have 2 be the 1 who practices what they preach on safety , cause they certainly will not if they can push you into a Sprint. Sprinting will not give you more raises , will not progress you in your career and won't give you anything but more work then the day B4 !!!

    But, it could make your career or health short so be smart. Get to know your Stewert and Senior drivers !! don't talk to the newer cover drivers till u learn the ropes !! They can be a bad influence on safety .

    Uhm , good luck and have fun !!!
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    Some of these guys are playing with you. UPS doesn't give a hoot about your opinion, or how things should be done. There is the UPS way and no other. The first few days/weeks you will feel overwhelmed with all you have to learn. I would venture it is unlike any "courier" job you may have had. EVERY day your performance will be compared against the company's expectation. Their expectation is set very high and sometimes used as a tool to threaten or pressure you to perform better. All you can do is the best you are capable of. On many days the clock will be your biggest enemy. Every delay will increase the pressure. You have to learn to stay within yourself and do one stop at a time. It is a good job, but you will earn every penny they pay you.
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    Pack a lunch. I don't care who you are you will be overwhelmed in the beginning. Packing you lunch will give you the ability to stop and take lunch anywhere you are when panick starts to set in. Sometimes even a 3 min candy bar is enough to calm your nerves. This also helps give you more time to relax instead of having to look for somewhere to eat.
  12. Jackburton

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    Take pictures of your kids, you won't be seeing them awake for the next few years as your the bottom of the bucket in siniority. Make plans to have dinner warmed up by the glow of the microwave bulb. Also don't forget you are the highest paid for a reason, you have a lot of crap to put up with. What doesn't kill you at UPS makes you stronger and able to withstand the incoming abuse. If you can last through the crap for 30 years and are responsible with your finances, you'll leave and retire very comfortably.
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    Get shoes that are slip-resistant. Even dew on the grass can get on the metal floor and the back of your truck becomes a skating rink. It's nice if they are waterproof as well, but you can do that yourself with various topical applications that can be purchesed anywhere. In the winter, it is vitally important to keep your feet warm and dry. Don't skip your lunch. If you do skip your lunch, you'll soon find you have 20 or 30 extra stops on your truck. Don't be in a hurry. Accidents and injuries happen when you get into a hurry. Don't expect to be home before 8. We stay out until we get done. If you want to be home shortly after 5, quit and get another job. Learn to accept the fact that you will be blamed and have to fix other people's mistakes. When the loader gives you a misload for a route 20 miles away, you will be told to, "Run it on the way in." Don't worry; they'll send someone to get your pick up pieces since you're coming in at 9. When your dispatcher gives you 30 extra stops that are not yours, they'll send someone to get your pick up pieces since you're coming in at 9. When you get called into the office and they try to blame you for the fact that you keep coming in at 9, don't take it personally. Memorize the monotonous safety drivel, confident in the knowledge that members of management have to memorize even more monotonous drivel than you do. Most of all, enjoy the paychecks!
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    This is good advice. I would recommend taking this break away from the pkg car, even if just on the side of the road, but I know that you will spend it sorting the car, which is exactly what I did during my 30 days.
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    So are you going to Integrad or are you a seasonal hire? If you are going to Integrad totally focus on that first!
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    AirExpress...I'm a driver in TO ,and we were all offered driving jobs there with no seniority loss.
    For the most part,most of the comments so far are true.I do think that we have it slightly better
    than our US comrades except that they make almost $3 more an hour than we do.
    It will be difficult to comprehend the logic behind how much work they assign you every day.
    Don't let it get to you.Upstate said he skipped his lunch the first 30 days and I bet everyone else
    did as well(including me)but you will eventually understand the mindset of the job.
    When you do,take your full break on road,and never be afraid to call for help if you are over dispatched.
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    Bring a map and a sense of humor. Other than that, if you're going to leave the company, do so before you hit top rate. After that, you're stuck forever.
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    Commonly known as the golden shackles.
  20. Covemastah

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    Just do the best you can,don't stuff pkgs,don't blow off call tags,and don't forge signatures on airs or stops to increase your time. they know your new,they know that you won't be able to handle it all at the begining !! What ever you do,be honest with them..if they question ypur integrity,,your done !! There is some great advice here,and some people are messing with you,you do need thick skin at UPS,,,all the best to you !!