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    I need some help on how to explain this to new employee's that the Union is here to help.

    I've been the union for about 5 years (ups 1yr and 5mo.) I file greivences for violations that the company does. The new members tell me to stop because they are afraid they will get in trouble also. (juinor members below me) When i see the company doing stuff done to them, I speak up against this, and at which time the co. stops doing it.

    I tell these new guys that they need to speak up and file if needed. They come back with well... I don't want to be targeted by the company as a trouble maker.. I tell them as long as they do there job they have nothing to worry about, and that it's also against the law to fire or repermand them just for filling, that it's our right at a union member to file.

    I'm tired of beating my head against the wall with these people. To some i say go work for a non-union company because you are afraid you use your rights that you have.
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    Don't bother trying to control what anyone else does. Just take care of yourself, do what works for you. :happy2:
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    Its up to them if they want to file or not, if they don't, so be it. They will know when to file if they need to. I know a steward like that, bugs me that he wants to file on everything on my behalf when I don't see the need. If I need to file, I will decide, I wont let the steward decide for me.
  4. User Name

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    I do not understand why people worry about others. When you go home are any of those people helping you pay your bills? If they answer is no then worry about yourself, because at the end of the day that is what matters......
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    Stop banging your head against the wall. They will eventually tire of the harrassment and start filing. Or not. Either way, it is their decision. You take care of yourself. Let them do the same.
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    Its like when you make a new friend. It takes awhile before minor disagreements seem worth mentioning. If you allow UPS to do what they do, make good union members of them by shortchanging them at every turn, you will see more interest in filing grievances. The way you are trying to help those who are not ready will only mark you as a trouble maker from both sides. No matter how well intentioned you are.
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    filing grievances gets u put under the microscope

    it shouldnt but facts are facts....the people who file on every tiny thing are the same ones who management complain about the most

    if i filed a grievance everytime the contract was violated, i would literally have to file every single day
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    Well i'm not that bad..haha
  9. grgrcr88

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    I applaud your effort, being a shop steward this is something I deal with on a daily basis. Some people will never have the backbone to stand up for their contractually agreed upon rights. The company knows this and does their best to try to intimidate people into not filing.

    It is true that you do get a bit more attention at first when you file grievances, but as you said, do your job properly and they cannot touch you. Once they figure that out, they leave you alone!!

    All you can do is continue to try and educate the members, and hope they can or will make the right decisions based on that knowledge.

    Good luck to you!!
    Don`t let it get to you too much!!
    And don`t give up!!
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    thats a good one
  11. cachsux

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    Filing grievances,on an appropriate violation,will also let mgmt know you know what can and cannot happen. Someone doesn`t have to be an ass about it,maybe even try to talk it out first,but let them know you expect both sides to work by the contract and you`ll find they try less things with you.
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    I must say I (we) in feeders have a great boss, who for one, will talk and fix a problem before we have to file, But he does "push" around the guys that are araid to file. (He and I both know what he's doing because we talk about.) I just sit back and laugh because i call these guys during the night and give them a little hint about what is going on and they just are to scared to speek up... Now i do say something if he really gives them the bone.
    But i really can't blame my boss for "doing what is best for the co. at the time" if they aren't going to speak then they get what they get..

    Sad part is i'm not even a steward just a pee in the pod.
    Im done fighting others battle only to get **** on by fellow "brothers".

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    ***************Soliciting grievances is a major violation of the contract. It's **********you that make me proud to have part time supervisors doing union work.
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    Discussing the facts of the contract with other union members is not a violation. Or is that not Orwellian enough for you?
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  15. grgrcr88

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    Show us the article in the contract that says I cannot solicit grievances.

    While your looking check out the NLRB statements on the solicitation of grievances.

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    ******************... With the comments like this you need to be working at fedex. I say we remove you from your job, and replace you with a supervisor, because if you think it's ok in one part why not your job also.
    Guys like you make the union powerless!

    I don't think I solicited anything, just letting others know there right.
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    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I don't understand the issue.

    As a steward, anything you see, you can file a grievance. Are you upset, that when you turn your back, violations are being commited OR are you upset that no one is filing under their own names ?

    You don't need everyone on board to watch for violations. I'm assuming that you're mad that you are the only one filing, so the target will be on your back when they want you out and everyone else will be safe.
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    "Discussion can be animated, which is fine, but we do not welcome personal attacks, on- or off-site. It is inappropriate to say anything on a discussion forum about any individual or entity that you would not be prepared to say to them face-to-face."

    Please refrain from insulting other members!


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    The union should be powerless. You work for me. You guys are no different than someone flipping hamburgers at McDonalds. You work for a company. You don't need any power. Despite what your union friends tell you, in the big scheme of things none of you have any power...
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    Mr Socks, Why is it that the Union was brought in by the founding fathers of this company?? To protect the employees!! That made this company what it was back then and still is today..Take a look in the drivers seat of a fed-ex ground truck that is what u will get if you take away the Union!!~$10 an hour employees.. And the comment that we work for u? Unless u sign my big pay check, or will send me my retirement ck , I think you are mis-taken.U must be new!!!!!