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  1. Ohioteamster 407

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just got hired off the street as a feeder driver but have a concern that I need clarified. Its my understanding that new feeder drivers are subject to layoff which at my union LTL carrier if road men are laid off they can bump into city driving, yard work, or the dock. If your laid off I would assume you could bump based on your natural seniority.

    City driving and yard work are no problem for me but the dock has me a bit on edge. While on layoff status would you be offered yard or package one day and dock the next or is it dock all the time?
  2. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    If your new and off the street you're not bumping anyone.
  3. greengrenades

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    What cachsux said. I think they may be nice and try to find something for you, but I don't think you will be bumping anybody.
  4. Ohioteamster 407

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    Thanks fellas I appreciate the replies.
  5. Gumby

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    Your at the bottom of the list,no one for you to bump!
  6. pickup

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    Based on the terminology used, I have to ask : Are you a feeder driver for UPS or a tractor trailer driver for UPS freight?
  7. raceanoncr

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    In most parts of the U.S., there are no different classifications of feeders. Notice, again, I said, "In MOST". Here, again, HERE, there were FEEDER drivers and PACKAGE DRIVERs. No in-between.

    Here, Feeder drivers were on-road, city, shifters. You bid on what your seniority let you or what you wanted but you were all one class...FEEDER driver. If you got bumped off your bid run for some reason (there could be several), you either took lay-off, bumped the lowest senior feeder driver at your hub (which in your case looks like you're IT) or you bumped two part-timers, which meant going "inside" to load/unload/sweep/wash windows/whatever those two part-timers were doing. BUT, in order to do THIS, you had to have FULL-TIME seniority with the company. If you are brand new, most likely you don't have or will not be getting seniority in the near future.

    It's the nature of the business here. You want to stay, better get used to it. Sorry
  8. cachsux

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    As Race said you would bump two inside PTimers, BUT to clarify, it would be the two LOWEST seniority inside PTimers which obviously means it would be far from the choicest inside job.