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  1. LaUpser

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    I have been debating with myself for the past month should i continue to go into management, lately i have been thinkin is it the rite move or should i just pursue driving. I been at my center 2 yrs today i have one person infront of me to go to school before its my turn, i know i will not get alot of time drivin untill peak because i am so low on the list, but on one hand with driving its like ill be better compared to management, then today i heard if i would transfer to a diff. center i would go fulltime quicker if in need of a driver compared to management. so to all the driver/management should i leave this in gods' hand or just tell them consider the other person for p/t sup.:whiteflag:
  2. mattwtrs

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    What are your future plans? Career at UPS, finishing school for a degree in a professional field, are you married or considering having a family?
  3. LaUpser

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    is im considering having a family. im 22 and yes i would like a carrer in ups.
  4. Fnix

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    I think it may be a while before anyone drives, new or old. Personaly I would go driving.
  5. evilleace

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    In my opinion driving is the best option but it is up to you and what fits you life better also I am sure you know but driving is hard work with long hours so if you are just starting a family then pt sup may be better but if you go driving you have a better chance at ft sup in the future. Good Luck.
  6. dcdriver

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    Would go back to school first, work on your grammar, maybe take a computer class and learn how to use spell check before considering management.:wink2:
  7. bad company

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    I was thinking the same thing, but then it became obvious to me that he would then be overqualified for a full-time management position. :laughing:

    But on a serious note, I would heed caution to anyone going into management given the current state of the economy. If trends continue, there may be layoffs for management. While not always the case, last one in could equal first one out.

    The advantages and perks of going into management have been reduced (my opinion of course). While the responsibilities, hours worked, and headaches have all increased, the MIP and other benefits have been reduced annually.

    If you drive, you can always go back into management. If you go into management, you can't go back to driving. If you do choose to go into full-time management, keep in mind you start out at a higher pay grade if you have driving experience and go into pkg ops.

    Just my $0.02

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Upper management drool when a full-time driver becomes a full-time supervisor. If supervising is what you want to do, take the driver route then change into management.
  9. New Englander

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    You will make a higher starting wage as a manager if you go the driver route as well.
  10. Paid-over-in-Maine

    Paid-over-in-Maine 15 more years of this!

    Driver: Report to the same Bldg. on Monday.
    Management: Report 200 miles away for "Special Assignment" on Monday.

    I LOVE my driving job.
  11. New Englander

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    ABSOLUTELY one of the biggest reasons not to!
  12. old brown shoe

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    Drivers stay at the same center and when you punch the clock you can forget about it until you come back. Management live their jobs 24-7 and and many get transfered on a moments notice. You go where you are told or find another job. If you decide to go into management try to drive for awhile first. You will have a much better understanding of the best way to do things. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  13. New Englander

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    Your silly to go into operations management (on-road) prior to being a driver first and at top pay.

    The starting wage for a driver - on-road will be higher then a PT - on-road.
  14. LaUpser

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    Thanks for all the answers to my questions, now i will just stick it out on preload for a few more years or how ever long it takes, because like a few of u said thats a 24-7 job,but me never really paying attention and lookin at the money by still being young is what really pushed me to do it and them tellin me i can go back to driving if i wanted to.I already sent in my letter of intent but i havent heard anything back so when i do its sorry im stickin to drivin, and pick da next in line. lol
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    That was a helluva long first sentence!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Consider this scenario too. Today you "heard" if you transfer to a different center you may get full-time quicker. Look how long you've already waited to be "2nd" in line for drive school. Someone is baiting you so you would vacate that spot so 'they" can move up. You're being played man!
  17. Bad Gas!

    Bad Gas! Active Member

    ...Don't go into UPS management!...Don't do it!.....Save yourself!
  18. New Englander

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    With our pay going up. The economy down. It's going to be on management to squeeze more juice from us.

    Something you will find is going to be hard to do.

    I don't envy being put in that position.
  19. Monkey Butt

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    Sage advise.
    Having been and knowing the driver's job is essential.
    We have strayed from this and it is having adverse effects throughout the company. IMHO, UPS will begin to value this again and management with driver experience will have an advantage.
  20. New Englander

    New Englander New Member

    Not going to ever happen again. With our current pay - what could ever be enticing enough for drivers to go into management?