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    Hello everyone, Im from Delaware and am a previous employee. I worked at the Harrington facility in 06 as a belt sup. but couldnt stay with part time pay and couldnt wait for a full time position. I do regret not trying to hold out a few more months but had bills to pay and a family to feed. Well, Im trying to get back in! The family and I are thinking about moving to KY so Im looking for positions out there. Iv put in an application online but have yet to hear anything so Ill keep checking back. Actually I tried to put in a couple but they wont show up in the site under my apps as it keeps telling me "the system has your info you previously entered" or something like that. Anyway HI
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    good thanks :funny:.............
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    Any reply to your application? Did you already move?
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    Nope not yet. the system wont let me apply. It keeps telling me that it saved my info from before. Even if I try to apply for different jobs it says the same thing. The driver position in Ashland Ky keeps saying pending and that is from early sept.
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    Welcome, Tom. Have you tried writing a letter to HR in the area?
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    No, actually I didnt realize there was one in the area. I thought that it all went to a corporate office. I may try to do that and see what I can find out. Thanks for the help.