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  1. littlelady

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    I'm not a FT driver yet and not sure if I ever will be. I have read a lot of posts here and spoke to a lot of drivers in my hub, as well as seen some interesting things myself. To me it seems like a hostile work environment among other things.I hear a lot of "GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN" since that is not an option for me I was wondering if any of you could share your (more recent) experience of becoming a new FT driver. What to expect,how it works, ect. or anything else a newbie should know.Thanks for any info.​
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    Well I am just under a year in and let me tell you good is never enough!It's seems to always be something even when you go the right things they always seem to find something wrong :(....I just say okay and go about my buisness.I have the don't worry about it to much and do what you know is the right things and don't give them any reason to really mess with you....late air,missed pick up...etc.One stop at a time and follow the methods don't cheat because if you start that way you will only put yourself at risk!UPS doesn't care about me you or anybody other than numbers that's what we are now numbersGoodluck hope it works out for you!
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    Depends on what your priorities are. Do you have a family? Quality time is spent on the weekends usually. I get home about 8pm most nights. The pay and bennies are the best in our area.

    Yes, you have to work hard in all weather conditions, put up with alot from management. I still enjoy my job depsite all this. You might not feel this way depending on what is more important to you. Providing well for family doing a job you enjoy or quality time with family. There are several part-timers in our center that have no desire to drive. They make due with what they make or work another job.

    Alot to contemplate before you make the leap.
  4. Baba gounj

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    NO matter how your day was on road, always complain, even if you don't mean it when near anyone who could possibly repeat it to your mgt team.
    "today really s_cked " " I got a bad load " "too much work " "why all the splits " " one more day like this and I'm out of here ".
    Never acknowledge success for you will not be rewarded only punished more.
    They want to find your breaking point and then really pound you down.
  5. cachsux

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    The one thing that made a difference as a driver was when I finally stopped trying to be fast and learned to be smooth. Go a little slower and stop making mistakes ( dumping a shelf, misdeliverys, running) and get off every delivery right the first time and you`ll find your self getting done with better numbers than your run and gun counter parts.

    P.S get a copy of the contract and learn it. The sooner you know it the sooner you`ll know when someones breaking it.
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    i'm in the same boat, i hear a lot of horror stories about driving, but then i hear take ur time u will b alright and they pay is very good. i will try and keep a positive attitude. i say dont b scared and try it, you and i might both be surprised and actually like the job like an above poster said lol!
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    Here is my advice!! I love my job as a driver. Do your job right and there is nothing to worry about. The only people that down the FT position are the people that get in trouble because they try to take the shortcuts to get the job done. Do your job right and its the best paid/benefit job in the industry.
  8. UnsurePost

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    It depends on the center, management team, the training route you are on and whether you really want it...and all of the usual driving ability, area knowledge, will your arms and shoulders adjust to no power steering 8-12 hours a day?,..that type of stuff.

    Also you will be cut Monday and Friday and sometimes both days. Are you FT already? You can at least request the 8 hr if you have FT seniority but do not expect to make 30 days.

    There is so much more I personally have learned...mostly UPS exploiting weak and non-existant language about qualifying.
    I heard from the BA that when you are a FT employee and bidding into a driving job, you cannot be denied the FT job because they just do not want you. They must have a legitimate reason for it such as late air or accident, for ex...

    However the steward said the opposite, as a fT entering package car driving they can disqualify you even because they do not like you personally.

    Good luck to ya!
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    i can't say it any better,
  10. Brownsfan

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    The union gives you a little white book read it, understand it, and live it and you should be just fine. Its a hard tiring job with great pay great benys and nice vacation. Have fun
  11. Converge

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    I'm actually in the same boat, but they actually called me a couple weeks ago asking if I was interested in a full time driving job. Its weird because I want the job, because of the money and what not.(being able to afford things will feel pretty amazing.), but at the same time, I just hear what everyone is saying about how miserable things are getting and trust me I've seen how bad its getting for us part timers on our sort. But everyone says at my age this is a great opportunity. But we will see, still waiting for the phone call back from them which was about 3 and half weeks ago :/
  12. idrivethetruck

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    You just have a decision to make. #1, do you want to be able to afford things? #2, do you want to be able to enjoy life. With #1, you can buy all sorts of toys, home furnishings, a nice home, etc., but you will not be home much to enjoy those things. With #2, you may not be able to afford a big house, nice furnishings, or extra "toys", but chances are, you will actually have a life outside of work. You will get to help raise your children, watch them grow up, teach them how to become productive citizens, etc. You will be able to see them perform in school plays, watch them score the winning run or touchdown in a ball game, or learn to ride a bike. You will be able to spend quality time with your wife, help her with chores around the house, set the table for dinner, take out the trash. You will spend time enjoying life instead of wishing it were over. I wish I could be more positive about your prospect for going full time, but my attitude about UPS has been jaded in the past couple of years by the abuse we have been subjected to.