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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. browned out

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    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insights on how this contract will affect part timers going into full time driving.

    1: there is a 60 day probationary period
    2: November December June July and August don't count toward
    gaining seniority. ( I think)
    3: If this passes UPS can use part time cover drivers to cover option
    week days that are split up or when a driver can't finish or brings
    back his/her load.
  2. team player

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    They will never hire new F/T drivers again. Why would they when they can get the job done for $16.00 per hr?
  3. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    For CS...correct?
  4. Fnix

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    lol there goes UPS. no one will work for low wages part time unless they advance
  5. cino321

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    Local 804 supplement will include a 50 day probationary period. (still bad, but better than 60).

    Let's think about this. It will take someone 10-12 weeks (depending on where you are) to pass the probationary period. That is approximatley 2 1/2 - 3 months, AND THAT'S IF YOU WORK EVERYDAY. I know my center loves to use new hires as helpers and pay them $8 dollars an hour on some days and combine loads, and those days do not count towards your probationary period.

    I've noticed in my building, all the new hires start around late August to early September. Our union freeze is October 15th. That's about 1 1/2 months to make your probition, which of course you won't. Come January, after peak volume will go down and you will be laid off.

    The system is designed for you to fail.
  6. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    Management needed to reduce cost that is always their top priority
    Labor is its top cost

    I am sure management has a way to spin this into a beneficial thing for us. Why not come out and say this a rigid set of rules designed to keep labor costs down by keeping part timers away from going full time and add more part timers to do full time jobs.

    whos on first what no he's on second

    who cares, no thats management


    Jim Casey rolling in the grave. If he keeps rolling maybe he can get up and jump for me
  7. tieguy

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    Since you're union thought it was good deal i guess that means hoffa senior is also rolling in his grave? Oh I get it its only integrity if the company does it.....:surprised:
  8. browned out

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    Nope, Hoffa seniors rolling over under the NY Giants endzone.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    This thread is a good topic for me because lately I've been wondering if I'll go full-time any time soon. I'm in a center that used to have a very short wait time for full-time driving and now a couple of us TCDs have broken the record for years part-time before full-time. We have been used as full-time drivers year round for the past two years but are still on part-time status. So what gives? We are still trying to figure that out.
  10. kingOFchester

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    A few weeks back a huge box came down the irreg belt. It was the size of a coffin. What ever was in it was also rolling around. It weighed well over 100lbs. The guy next tom helped me load it while a few other drivers were standing there. The guy asked "what the heck is in it".....To which I replied "I think we found Jimmy Hoffa" No one got the joke.