New guy here, I have a huge question!

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  1. sosteezy_

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    Hey guys, new guy here. My name is juan I'm 19 years old and I recently got hired by UPS on Friday 8/10/12, it's my first job and I'm fresh out of high school. So here it goes: I went to the interview the first time, it went pretty good and like two days later they called me up for a tour around, I was kinda stoked about the whole thing except the heat (not good) and then I got another interview I really thought it didn't go well and I wasn't gonna get the job. The next day (friday) morning I get a call and they wanted me to go fill out some papers and take my picture for the i.d (I guess I got it :D). When I was all done with everything the lady said I was gonna get a call to see how my background went over all for the background check they do? So today I was expecting the call and never got it and today is the day I start (8/13/12) I got the night shift and so the question is should I just go and tell them I'm the new guy? OR! should I wait for the call I was expecting? Please tell me what you guys think, I only have a few hours till my shift starts. Thanks guys!
  2. Brownslave688

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    I'd show up worst case scenario is you didn't get hired (I'm pretty sure u have been though). On the other hand what if u don't show for your first day of work.
  3. DorkHead

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    Show up and find out. Don`t try to call up, show up and bring some I.D. They will most likely know if you have been scheduled to start.
  4. sosteezy_

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    Yeah, I'm just gonna go. What if they probably forgot?
  5. rocket man

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    IM glad you got hired, i wish it wasnt your first job good luck,
  6. DorkHead

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    Just be prepared to work.
  7. sosteezy_

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    I got you! and thanks
  8. sosteezy_

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    Thanks? :anxious:
  9. uber

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    I wish I would have started when I was 19.
  10. PiedmontSteward

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    I started when I was 17. :smart:

    New guy: Show up an hour before the sort/your start time and stop by HR. You're probably going to do four days of cornerstone classes and then 5 days with a training sup.
  11. cachsux

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    You're too chipper and enthusiastic with hope for the future. The quicker you become cynical and miserable the quicker you'll fit in.

  12. sosteezy_

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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'm about to head out right now.. Wish me luck :D
  13. upser92

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    I started right after I turned 18 lol. People are always shocked when I tell them I've got a few years of seniority despite them being a few years older. Kinda funny to see their reactions, especially my sup who has been with UPS less than me despite being 7 years older
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    You weren't wearing a green shirt were you?
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    Really? :rofl:
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    Iphones syck.
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    Sosteezy. Be prepared to work hard. They will break you in slowly and let you work less hours than the sort runs. I hope your fellow workers, sups and mentor is kind and shows you the ropes how UPS works. Good luck! Be prepared to sweat and work hard, safely. Welcome to UPS.
  18. working up a sweat

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    Also another tip. Never be late or call in sick before your first 90 days are done.
  19. Johnny815

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    I started when I was 17.. first job, too.
    It's good that it's your first, you're not gonna know how easy every other job is!!
    Make sure you buy a big jug of water and refill it throughout the shift.
    After a couple of months, tell your supervisors you want to take the pick-off test or the sort test.. You will get a dollar raise when you pass.
    Good luck.
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    So on the iPhone app, the title of this thread is: New Guy here, I have a huge... I could only assume it was a thread about OP's nose. Anyhow, Welcome to the Machine.