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    Hello guys and gals,

    First off I like to say hello and how are you guys? I've been a reloader for 3 month, and I received a package yesterday about healthcare, it says I could choose eitheir Aetna or BCBS PPO, and i wanna ask which one should I choose, which one is better in general. I read the package but it's kind of confusing. Thank you! BTW I live in Bloomington, IL if that makes any different. Thanks again! I work at Peoria UPS, IL. Facillity #6160.
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    I used the Aetna when I was part time, loved it, to say the least. Best to checkout where the Drs are and such before making a decision. Read over the material yourself and listen to what people on here say, that will help you make an informed decision.

    Welcome to the BC!
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    I have the Aetna myself. Check out which works best with the doctors in your area.
    Being in Bloomington are you closer to Normal?

    Sorry,inside Illinois joke.
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    Check to see which doctors are in which network then choose appropriately. Be careful that you don't choose the wrong one or you will be paying deductibles and 80/20 vs just a $10 copay.