New guy thinking about becoming a package handler/loader-lots of questions

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    Hi everyone-never knew this place existed until today. A little background on me-I am 31 years old, live in NJ, and am married (my wife also works) with a 2 year old daughter. I know a fair amount about UPS as my father is a retired driver-he put in 25 years with the company and retired about three years ago. I have a college degree and a white collar job I hate that I've been stuck in for the past eight years on account of the crappy economy and the fact that if I really want to move up/change course I need a Master's degree. Also, I work crazy hours and never see my daughter who we know spend a ton of money to send to daycare. For those reasons I'm thinking about trying to get a job as either a package handler or loader so that I can work at night, watch my daughter during the day, and hopefully, over the course of two to four years, earn a Masters online from Rutgers. At that point I'll look at getting back on a career track. I'd love to hear from other people who have been in similar situations. I just have a few questions:

    -Are package handlers or loaders eligible for health benefits? Where can I find details on the plans?
    -What are the typical hours for each?
    -Is the tuition assistance as good as it sounds?

    I should also add that I know that it's very physically demanding work. When I was in college I worked as a loader for "that other company" :funny: (it was closest to my school) so I know what the work is like, and I'm a very active person in good physical shape. The hours will take some getting used to, but I'll be able to handle it.
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    you are going backwards!

    can you just get a family member to watch your 2 year old & pay them 1/2 of what you're wasting for daycare now?
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    How so? I'd be taking a low paying job temporarily in order to get a Masters degree and ultimately get a better career.

    No-closest family is 60 miles away.