New here and maybe to UPS?

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by PH101, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. PH101

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    I have a tour scheduled for next week as a package handler. Is there anyone here who works in NEw Jersey?
  2. wakyzachy

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    Where in New Jersey? New Jersey is big you know.
  3. PH101

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    Yep, Jersey is big, isn't it? Should have been more specific. Wanted to know if anyone works in Lawnside and what it's like there. I may be starting as a package handler from 4-8am. I'm a girl and wanted to know what I was in for. Anything you could tell me would be great! Thanks.
  4. wakyzachy

    wakyzachy I am the IRS for UPS!

    Yes, thats my hub. Im at Lawnside. Lets just put it this way I would not let my daughter work at UPS. You are on the morning shift, so you will probbally be loading package cars. Just be prepared to get yelled at. And remember even if you do a really good job they will still find something wrong that you did. If your fellings get hurt easy be prepaired to get emotional. You are a girl which is a plus here. You might get off easier then if it was a guy. Im not kidding Ive seen that happen often. If you take what your supervisor tells personally you will never make it. What my supervisor tells me goes in one ear and out the other. I've been here for 3 years, but now im leaving for college and getting out of UPS. If you need the benifits for you or your family this company is great to work for. If you just need the money please please find work elseware. Just to sum it up they treat you like cattle here. We are cattle with paid holidays and no work on weekends. Yes thats nice too but you pay for it. If you decide to come to the twilight shift, I know people that can help you out. Its also who you know here. Make lots of friends and keep your enimies if any colser. Good luck and happy trails.
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    Big and stinky LOL
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  6. wakyzachy

    wakyzachy I am the IRS for UPS!

    True that:lol:
  7. Kraetos

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    Wow, Zachy makes it sound like a hellish warzone lol. I work the morning shift in Longview, Texas as a package handler and it is in no way how you described. I'll admit the work pace is very fast, and the volume is at times insane.

    I really think this job prepares you for a lot of things, because it teaches you to have a strong mental capacity to handle chaotic work enviroments. My Hub has really good part-time managers that really control their belts effictively and do their best to keep their workers on task and calm.

    Our Pre-Load never really has any moments of strife between worker and management, but when it comes to the drivers and the full-time Looks like when you stay in this business a while it can get pretty stressful :)

    They usually put most of our female employees in the scanner area, or decap, so they really just have to look up addresses, I recommend you try to shoot for positions in there.
  8. PH101

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    Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate them. I'm really apprehensive about this job and I think it's because of all the negative comments. It's only 4 hours a day and I'm there for the benefits only, really. However, I feel really anxious about this job and I can't quite put my finger on why!! I need to get in shape, so that's a big plus. The benefits are a bigger plus and my day will be done by 8 am!! I'm not looking forward to getting up at 2:30 or 3:00 that's for sure. But, I'm sure in time I will get used to it. I'm glad Kraetos put some positives in there. But, I'm still apprehensive since I will be working in Jersey and not Texas.
  9. PH101

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    Also...Waky can you tell me if it's possible to transfer to the 6pm to 10 pm shift when I get there?? I originally applied for that shift, however, the girl who called me back said that those shifts fill up quickly and "they like to give them to the college kids." Is it going to be possible to switch?
  10. wakyzachy

    wakyzachy I am the IRS for UPS!

    That sounds like bull. If you look on the web site it says we need people for the twilight shift. Call HR and tell them you want to change to that shift. Also like I said if you need the benifits this is the best job you can have. I lost like 20 pounds in one month just because its so hot here in the summer. Hey to the guy in Texas I had a friend transfer to Huston. He says its much better there too. LoL. It must be Jersey. Matter of fact I know its Jersey. :thumbup1:
  11. brownboss

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    no buddy it aint Jersey its every hub im thinkin...i wuldnt have thought that until i joined this site and heard many of the same things that r taken place in diff hubs all over..what u described in ur jersey hub was just almost 2the tee as 2what goes on here (oklahoma) what that texas guy described sounded like a dream hub that doesnt actually he described is what we all have meetings about that we want 2 happen and take place but never actually does
  12. PH101

    PH101 New Member

    I'm gonna go in for the tour and see what they say about switching shifts. How hard is it to switch shifts once you're in there?
  13. HazMatMan

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    My contract book says.... Part-time seniority employees shall be given preference based on seniority and subject to the operating needs of the company to transfer to more desirable shifts in their buildings when a permanant job vacancy occurs (provided he/she is qualified to perform the work) Employees desiring to transfer to such different shifts shall so notify their manager in advance.

    Please read that very carefully, word for word..
  14. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    Hehe not a dream Hub, it actually exists. We are Number 1 in our district, we have a few bad apples, but that is more than made up by the number of veterans we have.

    Our management is top notch, and we can always handle our volume, except for last week when our main belt motor broke lol. We had to do everything manually, and were only 20 minutes past our regular finish time.
  15. RockyRogue

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    Kraetos, where are you in Texas??? If you are a Dallas or Houston hub, I call bull:censored2: about 20 minutes past normal downtime. I'd be very hard pressed to believe Austin or San Antone but I suppose its possible. If you're a center somewhere in West Texas, I can believe it. -Rocky
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    They are probably replacing you with her:wink: