new hire almost at my probation was let go for missed days due to medical reason

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by oskyfoo, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. oskyfoo

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    i was just hired about 3 months ago almost 4 and i had taken some time off with a doctors note for a medical reason yet i was let go today for missing last thursday for a family emergency which i called in just finished paying my union dues not to long ago is there anything i can do to get my job back maybe switch shift i was more then communicating with my soup and was even told i was a great worker but for my missed days i was let go what should i do i cant lose this job its not like i could have chosen to get as sick as i did pls help thank you for anyone who does
  2. oskyfoo

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    also i posted on here because im wondering if i can ask the union about this
  3. gorilla75jdw

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    call your local union hall , ask to speak with your business agent , be sure to fil a grievance on the discharge within 5 working days . Make sure you present the doctors note to your business agent . And by the way , did the company provide you with a union steward when they discharged you , if not , then everything is null and void . follow my directions this morning , dont wait til tomrrow , dont stop calling or texting your business agent until you speak with him directly .
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    they did not provide me with a union steward at all i ment tomorrow as in this morning sorry and ok hopefully i can find that doctors note they have a copy of it but i will call today i even asked if there was anything i could do or anyone i could talk to and they said no
  5. oskyfoo

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    if i didnt have the doctors notes anymore because there from about 2 months ago would i still be able to file towards it mind you wouldnt it be weird for them to not fire me back then without me having proper reason and paper work to take those days off can i also claim that i asked for someone to talk to or something i could do towards this matter and also that they have sed im not in the union yet but or passed my probation yet i already paid my union initiation fees and gotten my raise that i was told i was given after my probation id just like to know if these would help me for argument sake and do you get in the union after the fees or probation
  6. menotyou

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    Call you doctor. they will write a letter stating that they wrote the note for you. BTW, sentence formation helps one to read your posts.
  7. oskyfoo

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    thank you and sorry about that .
  8. Johney

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    Did you gain seniority? If you were hired 3 to 4 month's ago you may or may not have depending on how much time you put in. By the sound of it (you missed days due to illness,etc.) you may not have gotten your 30 in. So you will be SOL.
  9. Brownslave688

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    Yeah inside your probation period they can let u go for looking at them wrong. Sorry good luck.
  10. oskyfoo

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    im at about 60 days now working probation is 70 there the sixty days is not including the days i didnt attend work . what i dont get is why let me go now if all those days happened months ago, like maybe beginning of my second month.if i havnt hit my probation why did i get the raise already, should i give it a shot with the union ether way,wouldnt hurt to try right i mean some of those days was because they sent me back and forth from supervisor to other about how to go along the sick time and if i had to go to the clinic so i missed a week just because they kept sending me home.
  11. Nimnim

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    Huh, I thought it was 30 working days for the "probation" period. Where are you at? It's nice to know the differences between regions.

    Though as said, if you're not clear of your "probation" period there's not much to do. Contact the local union and see if they can help, aside from that well you're out of luck unfortunately.
  12. oskyfoo

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    do you mean 30 days in hours, or actually going to work 30 days at each 5 hour shift counting as a day. idk they told us it was 70 days probation period. im in cerritos california hub. if it is 30 days at each shift counting as a shift ive already hit that, im going to call the union today but yea.
  13. oskyfoo

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    idk from what ive known ive already gotten my probation raise last week and finished my union fees 2 weeks ago so idk
  14. Johney

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    It usually is 30 days(reports) in a 90 or 120 day period, so everyday you work even if only for an hour that counts as a day(report). Sounds to me like you have gained seniority(your steward should have known this) as you got a raise. Call your business agent TODAY! Although, things are different all across the country so maybe you have not gained seniority and maybe your management team is disqualifying you because they see you as a future "problem" being out for medical issue's. All this is just a guess until you find out if you have or have not gained seniority also called "make book".
  15. AZBrown

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    He falls under the western region supplement
    70 shifts in 6 months - part timers
    This works out to about 2 weeks past the 90 day $1 bump, with regular attendance
    Attendance seems to be the issue in question though
  16. menotyou

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    Where's TOS? He's in Cali and a steward.
  17. BrownFlower

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    I'm in WA and a steward and can confirm that 70 working days is correct for the western region.

    So does this mean that the rest of the country is still at 30?

    How about getting credit toward seniority during peak season?
    In the west it used to also be 30 days but no credit was given for the months of peak.