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    I am looking into working at UPS part time, at one of their airport hubs, CT. I am planning on going to the tour of the facility, and looking to be hired. The problem is that one day a week, monday, the 5-10 shift will conflict with my other job. Is it possible for management to let me work only 4 days a week, or work a different shift on monday, are they flexible at all?

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    UPS has a program where you are able to select the days that you want to work. Make sure you ask about it during the tour. Good luck.
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    I know several people that have used that program. ;-)

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    From your other thread, you worked at FedEx for 5 years. I would think you would know the answer to your question.
    Good Luck

    PS - UPS is not a gas station or fast food restaurant
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    fedex was wishy washy as to who they would let have a flexible schedule, i think you needed religious excuse. i dont expect the two companies to work the same way

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    Fair enough

    I dont work at the airport but I'm sure you'd have to work a 5 day week on the same shift
    Most huge companies can't do flex schedules. It would be a nightmare in staffing because of absences / vacations !
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    They aren't going to allow you to work only 4 days a week or 4 days a week on one shift and the 5th day on another. UPS is a union shop if they do it for you they would have to do it for everyone. Why don't you see is you can work another shift that would allow you to work 5 days without any problems.

    I would love to work 4 10 hour days every week but that isn't going to happen at UPS.

    Try your luck at walking on the belts at UPS and your going find yourself unemployed.
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    4 x 10's would make a lot of sense. In my center each loop has 5 routes. Each loop would have a swing driver assigned to that group. Each of the drivers would take an alternating day of the week off which the swing driver would cover.

    No, I don't know how vacations would work under this scenario...
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