New hire and gaining seniority

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    I started working as a preloader in the Atlantic district during the 2011 peak season. I have read the UPS supplemental agreement and it states that "after 40 days of work within a 70 consecutive work day period, (excluding orientation) a new employee will acquire seniority. If, however, the employee does not complete the 40 days within these 70 days his/her seniority date will be the first day of the 40 worked within any subsequent 70 workday period. Does this mean I have to work for 40 days straight without missing a day starting in January to gain seniority? Or is it just any 40 days starting from January? I already know days worked during peak do not count towards seniority.
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    It means you have to work 40-of-70 days in order to obtain seniority.