New Hire Bonus (Sundays required)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by New-Hire-Grunt, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Hi. I was a union employee for ~4 years and quit to go to school and came back this year for peak because it listed a $200 attendance bonus for showing up to work that week every day. However, the job was listed as monday-friday. I have been paid bonuses for working monday-friday for 3 weeks but now the supervisors are claiming anyone who doesn't show up Sunday is ineligible for the bonus despite no mention of it before anywhere on the hiring site or during the orientation. Can they arbitrarily change my hours like that for the bonus? The Sunday sort conflicts with my other job and is completely opposite hours of the night sort. Do I have any rights here, or is my only option to quit?
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    Don’t show up and see what happens
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    Sunday is still optional. I won't be fired for not showing but they say I will no longer get the bonus and honestly working for the base pay without it isn't worth it to me. I only came back for the bonus
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    See ya
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    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!!
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    Skool is a waste of time.
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    Such a crappy union. All they care about is the drivers PT workers are still making minimum wage and unwilling to invest any effort to help the people working their ass off
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    Here any “bonus pay” is beyond the contractual rate. If you’ve got it in writing what your “bonus pay” entails and ups refuses to honor it you may have a case with your states fair labor board. Good luck staying on after peak season if you haven’t made it back onto the list yet. My recommendation would be to work the hours you can and if the hours you worked entitle you to the bonus and you don’t receive “bonus pay” start ratcheting up the pressure. How far you’re willing to go is up to you.

    Edit: Working for UPS is like trying to play a board game with a seven year old. They keep changing the rules!
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    File a wage claim with department of labor. Or go in Sunday then claim a "legitimate injury" tell them no clinic necessary.
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    Came back for Peak? Sounds like you are a seasonal hire. Did you join the union? Correct me if I am wrong.
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    The union won't touch bonus pay. That's between you and UPS. Do what is in your best interest.
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    The bonus was not negotiated by the union. The company offers it and because of that they can stop it when ever they want. So yes quit.