New hire, OFF job injury... Job in jeopardy?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by freelabor, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, new hire here. After 3 1/2 years of wasted time, I left the Small Purple Dog on September of this year and started for Brown in late October. Was told this was a permanent package handler position. They emphasized the word "permanent" through both tours, both interviews and orientation. I was hired on to do preload and have a heavy four car set.

    Been on the job for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. Showed up to work everyday and on time with plenty of time to spare. Also never missed a safety committee training. I do my best to make sure my set is all cleaned and caught up. When the sups notice I keep my set and work space clean, they send me to other belts to help other preloaders with their sets. The drivers I load for also seem happy with the load quality.

    Now my dilemma is, I had an OFF the job injury this past weekend and the emergency doctor gave me a note stating I should have one days rest before going back to work. Which made me upset because I seriously don't want to miss any days. I went to work yesterday morning and handed the note to my sup, had a chat with another sup and I told them I should be good to go by tomorrow, but they were iffy and said I should see the Clinic. I got sent home. Went to work this morning, same thing.. sent home. So I went to the clinic when they opened up and I told them UPS sent me here to verify that I would be able to work. The clinic front desk told me I had to go to my usual doctor to get a work release. Got annoyed so I left and called my normal doctor for an appointment and now I'm just waiting for a return call. I hate wasting time.

    What it boils down to is, how high of a chance is it that I'm going to lose my job? I'm trying to stay optimistic that I won't but my gut is telling me other wise..

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    There is such a thing as "TMI". I think you know now that you gave the company TMI.
    I wonder why they're making a mountain out of this molehill.....
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    I hate to give you a wishy-washy answer but "it depends." It depends on if they think you'll be a decent employee, how desperate they are for bodies, etc etc. It also probably depends on your shift -- since you work preload (which is notorious for churning out new hires and then not working them for weeks at a time) you might have a worse chance of being kept on. However, it being peak season, chances are they'll keep you.

    A friend of mine was hired in the hub about six months ago and suffered a pretty grisly staph infection in his knee while doing contract work on the side at his "second job" before he had his seniority. He brought in doctor's notes, kept his supervisor updated and informed day-to-day and week-to-week and they let him come back and attain seniority after his doctor released him back to work.
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    Thanks for the info guys! Thread can be deleted/locked.
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    Judging by your screen name you'll be fine working for UPS.
  6. freelabor

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    Hahahahaha. Touche!
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    Out of curiosity, what was the off job injury that you needed a day off?
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    You could have a problem. You haven't made your 30 days and now you have a pre-existing injury that UPS now knows about and could become a problem down the road. UPS doesn't like problem like this. I know that seasonal helpers that get hurt on the job are not rehired for any position.

    You also said that you started working about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Which means you might fall into the free period where you can not make your 30 till after the first of the year meaning your where hired as a seasonal worker that COULD have the opportunity to become permanent if your a good worker, shows up everyday, and doesn't get hurt.

    The HR person will tell you anything and everything to get you to show up to work. The contract will tell you the cold hard facts. Your most likely a seasonal employee either way seasonal or permanent you can make your seniority till after the first of the year if they keep you.

    You should have never showed them the note and just want to work.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Pre-existing injury? It sounds as though it was a relatively minor injury, like a twisted ankle. I agree that the OP should never have shown them the note and just gone to work.
  10. freelabor

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    Cut both my thumbs and they were closed up with stitches. Got everything cleared up with my primary and the clinic. Back to work. Thanks everybody.
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    ​Good to see a youngster with a work ethic. All hope is not lost.
  12. upschuck

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    I had an on job injury during my qualifying period, twisted ankle pretty good. I still qualified, so you should be fine. I know it was a different time though. That was the only injury I have had in my career at UPS.
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    Did you have to double check to see if that knife was really that sharp?
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    Hahaha, I wish it was that easy. Of all things, I got surprise attacked by a can of food...

    I kind of figured it was too good to be true about being a permanent employee off the bat this time of year. After some research on here and what was replied to in this thread, I can only keep my hopes up that I don't get cut in January.
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    Good luck and keep us updated on your status.
  16. freelabor

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    Hey everyone update. I was kept on after peak luckily. Had zero misroutes since I was hired. Passed my road test and physical a couple weeks ago. Just waiting to schedule driver school. I'm pumped.
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    FT driver or what?
  18. Wally

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    I hold back on any diagnosis until I'm on the clock, but that's just me. I never get hurt off work.
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    It's posts like this that make me want to punch...a puppy.
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    Your time will come BB58, just gotta keep waitingggggggg