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    I was hired by ups for a part time feeder unloader position. I was told there would be a 30 day trial period. On day 30 at the days end i was told I was being let go By the head supervisor. I tried to argue and plead my case but my times were just slightly too slow. He then asked me if I still wanted to take my DOKs or if I was too upset. I said I would and passed. The head supervisor then got a union steward in. He began to give me a 10 more day trial period where I still don't qualify for the union. We all signed it the steward the head supervisor and I. I left the office and ran into a different union steward who informed me what the head supervisor did is not in the contract and gave me a form to join the union. He said if the supervisor tries to fire me come to him and he will protect my job. I was just wondering what I should do? Or whose is telling the truth. Do I qualify for the union or am I still in my trial period where I can be let go?
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    Ive seen probation periods extended before.
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    Should I still fill out the union application. I informed the steward that the other steward signed that paper extending the trial period.
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    If you worked for 30 days straight , no days off , then you're in .
    The general rule is that the company will let you go before you finish your 30 days , usually around the 28-29 day . Unless you really are no good at it .
    Always go to the second steward , seems to be a knowledgeable person .
    And yes fill out the paperwork , to protect yourself .
    Just show up everyday and make no mention of all of this to anyone . Try to stay off the radar of the sups .
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    Go balls to the wall for the next 10 days.
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    That's the most true thing I have heard. Lol