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    I've been working for UPS about 3wks now (1wk as unloader in primary, 2wks into revenue recovery). The HR rep that interviewed and hired me has come up to me about 3-4 times over the past few weeks and has asked me stuff like, what are the HABITS (from the training video), where to go in case of evacuation, etc. and recently asked me if my supervisor went over the training packet with me etc. Then he asked if I knew of anyone quitting, I told him that I had worked with a guy in the primary on his last day 2wks ago. He asked if I knew why he quit, I told him I didn't know, all I know was that it was his last day.

    Is this normal, are they just making sure I feel like I was trained well enough etc. Or are they seeing if they want to keep me as an employee. I've never been late (worked 3yrs at my last job and wasn't late EVER) and I plan to keep a perfect record with UPS. Just wondering what this is about, thanks.
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    I'm thinking the h/r guy could not remember the habits, that's why he asked you.... As for him asking you why the other guy quit, he's probably just curious as to why someone would quit. At my centre most part timers just walk off the job, never to be seen again.... leaving the h/r people totally mistified as to why.
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    All of your questions sound normal to me. The HR person wants to know if you are being trained right. And upsdavz is right that a lot of part timers just quit without giving any reason. It costs a lot to train new people and get them to where they are productive. Retention is a big problem.
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    Probably because they got that call from (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys) they were waiting for.

    You want to retain these young kids, you've got to pay them a decent wage and (at least) let them work their gaurantee. They're started late and then rushed off the clock as soon as possible. When they get their first check and see what little they actually take home and how hard they had to work for it, that's pretty darn discouraging.

    8 years ago, my son worked for a small landscaping business while he was still in high school. A few hours every night and then longer on Sat.

    He brought home more than most of the p/ters are bringing home now. Of course he didn't have (or need) benefits. And the work was nowhere near as hard as UPS.

    You can't figure out why management has no idea why these people would up and quit? This is the same management that thought back in 97 that we would cross the picket line by the thousands. They look at the company through rose colored glasses.

    You beat a dog everytime it comes home, eventually it just doesn't come home.
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    Thanks for the help guys!