New Hire...Trying to stick with it...Advice or Encouragement Appreciated :)

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tachyon42, May 2, 2012.

  1. tachyon42

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    Hello all,

    I have been with UPS for two months. My current position is a part time package handler(load the delivery trucks).

    My current pay rate is $9.50, and I take home about $120-$130(net) per week.

    Problem is, I spend approximately $10 a day due to commute, and about $2(not sure what EZ Pass discount is) 1 way.

    So, when I take into account turnpike, gas, and wear and tear on vehicle, I am working for only about $50 or so a week, sacrificing my sleep most of all :(

    I have another job pretty much full time, but went with UPS due to future employment stability.

    Now I am going to be doing the Earn and Learn, which will give me about $3000 a year(covers my gas).

    Any advice on if I should stick with it? It seems a lot of time and effort to only bring home about $50 a week. I am disillusioned :(

    I may be looking into a part time supervisor position, but really am just sticking it out as an anchor for a future job.

    I currently make plenty(as in, a good hourly wage, pays my bills, with a little left over...barely ;) ) My current job also has a significantly less of a commute time.

    Whew. Sorry for the rant.
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  2. Jackburton

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    I'd wager you have no dependents as you could count the benifits as more than your actual pay rate. Go price a family of 4 with dental, vision, and medical and then you'll find out why people with families stick it out as a part time gig.
    If you're single and don't care about the benefits, there's really no reason to work here as you make more flipping burgers part time.
  3. tachyon42

    tachyon42 New Member

    Ha, thats funny...because my part time job on weekends I would have to give up for the summer is working a family restaurant. I love the job...and I don't have any dependents.

    Thanks for the advice! I can pretty much stay on my parent's plan until I'm 26, and I don't plan on having any dependents any time soon ;)

    I just had to get some feedback, as I am feeling physically and mentally drained from getting only 4 hours of sleep a night for two months.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Exactly. When I started at ups, it was for the insurance. I had paid my own insurance for over 10 years. Family plan was costing over $1,400/ month.
    If I were single, I wouldn't work here just for the insurance.
    Good luck whatever you decide
  5. rocket man

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    do the best you can.
  6. pickup

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    well, original poster, congratulations on your earn and learn program money, that translates to 57 dollars extra a week. Now you are earning 107 dollars a week.
    Any side roads that parallel the turnpike that take you to your destination?

    you said that you came to UPS due to future employment stability concerns. That seems to be the main consideration here. This p/t sup job is not considered necessarily the ideal job for a person concerned about employment stability. While it is true that you will be lifting less boxes if you become a sup, your lessening of physical strain will be counter-matched with the increased mental strain that comes being caught between the dictates of your superiors and the abilities of the workforce under you.

    Well, you can't lose a loser. The worst that happens is that if you get fired as an "incompetent" supe, you are back to where you were before.

    The sleep issue. That's something you gotta figure out out to improve upon. 4 hours a day ain't doable long term.
  7. nystripe96

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    Stay outta the supe. The quick fix is the higher wages you'll make in the short term, yet with major stresses imposed upon you every single day from the suits. Stay on the load. It's brutal work yet with less stress albeit with slightly lower wages & great benefits all while having union backing. Nuff said!!!
  8. anonymous4

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    Don't go Sup. Glorified package handler with added mental strain and no job protection coupled with a bleak long term outlook (full time).
  9. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    if you really want to make big bucks with UPS, don't go into supervision

    however, everyone in the thread saying they have no job protection or future are just blow-hard teamsters :wink2:

    they'd be shocked if they knew just how hard it is to actually fire a PT supe, and there are far far far more diverse opportunities, though lower paying, if you go into management
  10. tachyon42

    tachyon42 New Member original plan for getting hired with UPS was laying a foundation for a future job 2-5 years down the road. And by that time school would be finished, I'd be finished with my current gig(work at a pawn shop, awesome bachelor job, maybe not so good family job :/ ), and I would be able to have a higher pay schedule. I could always stay in the trenches currently, and then make the move to supervision later on down the road.

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I live a pretty hectic life with some crazy work schedules, so its nice to have some feedback before I make a decision I'm going to regret.
  11. upser92

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    Do you work at Toledo? And listen don't go into management. I've been a loader for 2 years and make probably $200 a week and then have an easy side job on weekends and make more $$ than my friends who have gone into PT Mgmt, have better job security, and can call off whenever as well as be totally done when I clock out. As a college student it's awesome and with the Learn & Earn you'll make plenty of money
  12. ups1990

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    Nothing is easy. Marriage, work, relationships, mortgage payments, eating healthy, we all struggle with these and other issues as well. Stay with it. You sound like a reasonable young man. I hope that you continue to make informed, wise decisions that will impact your future.