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    Brand spanking new here so here's my introduction!

    I've been in telecommunications since 1999. The company I worked for closed it's doors and I found myself unemployed for the first time in my adult life.
    I looked at this as an opportunity to get something that was close to home and wouldn't cost me a fortune in fuel with the 96 mile/2 hour one way commute I had been working for the last 8 years!

    Low and behold I came across the position for cover driver and applied - the center is only 2.5 miles from my house so I thought what the hell, it was worth a shot.

    I started driver training for a temporary cover driver slot back on September 17th, finished out that week without any problems. Class started with 14, ended up with 12 passing and I'm hearing that this week some of the members of that class are DQ'd already.

    Worked last week in the center for the preload. First day unloading the freight truck, then started working DKE (Decap) for the rest of the week - which proved to be challenging when you've only been on it for one day and you're tossed to the wolves the next. I can't complain, I had assistance when it was obviously necessary and most of the people in the center have passed on their opinions pretty clearly as to what can and can't be done and what should and shouldn't be done. Plus the way I look at it, the experience will only help me later on.

    Tomorrow I start my driver packet and go out on my route - rural. I'm honestly looking forward to it.

    I found this site after my initial road test and I've been on and off it for a few weeks looking for opinions and information as it comes to mind.

    Hopefully this can work itself into a long lasting career field.
    Thanks in advance for your advice, opinions, and guidance.

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    Welcome, I too was a Sales Engineer for a telecommunications company laid off in 2008.
    i took a seasonal driving position last year and was offered a perm part time position as a preloader and drive on Saturdays. If you work hard follow the directions of your supervisor and god forbid do not crash the truck and finish your route without much help, should be good to go, make sure you verify you are a perm cover and not a seasonal driver. Good luck
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe,
    we are from all over the country, so some of questions you ask might differ from one to another. Good luck
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    Sales Engineer - I was a sales/engineer - then got the fancy title of Corporate Account Manager....I truly enjoyed telecom over the last decade and all it's challenges, but it is time for a change to something more stable - with less travel!

    Since I hired on and reported prior to 10/1 - I'm told that I'm permanent part time currently and not a seasonal employee.