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    i started a week ago today. I work midnights. Took the sorter test tuesday and passed, and was told i would b a sorter. Thursday night I unloaded trucks until 2:30. Friday night i spent an hr on the pc practicing sort test (which im now struggling with!!!!) then was put on the sort isle. Damn packages were flying and i couldnt keep up! At one point another sorter yelled at the unloaders (they thought it would b fun to screw with the new sorters!) to slow the f down etc. im suppose to take the test this week. What happens if i fail? Do i go to unloading until i pass or do i stay on sort? Ive been a stay at home Mom for 16yrs. Doing this job so i can have time outside the house and make a little money. I dont mind hard work, grew up working tobacco fields, hay fields and cutting wood as a kid.
    Oh another thing ive noticed my study papers have some incorrect information when im on the pc doing practice test. Is there a time limit on the test? I was told test is 350 question and u can only miss 5. :bored::ohmy::no:
  2. Brownies...mmm

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    Welcome and Good luck with your test!

    I'm a newbie loader so no help.

    There are plenty here that can/will give you some imput :-) Just brace yourself.
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    good one
  4. burrheadd

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    You'll be fine

    By the way how old of an O'gal are ya anyway
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    If you can't handle working the sort aisle ...passing the sort test is rather irrelevant.
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    You will probably be put in the unload. I'd much rather unload than sort, personally, but if you want an extra $1/hr as a PT, that's one way to get it.

    At UPS, it is nearly ALWAYS better on the receiving end of things.
    (I'll let the regulars have fun with that one) ';)
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    Mom, Keep working in the unload and guys will be hitting on you in no time with all the weight loss.

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    Im 35yrs old

    GRIMLOCK New Member

    Its not that i cant handle it, just was thrown in the mix and said to sort. Still learning, so much slower than the other sorters. Been studying the split/pure states all weekend and today. Not getting very far!

    GRIMLOCK New Member

    Oh they will get rejected and i have no weight to lose. 16yrs of marriage and even if i divorce no way would i date someone i work with. LOL
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    You'll be fine
    Keep after it
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    I think since your new. Get used to the way things work at ups.... to jump right in at a week and trying to learn everything may be difficult.... once you get used to the pace and what we actually do.... go for the sorter test.... no rush... you can always take the test in a few weeks...
  13. I was on primary sort for a shift similar to yours. The reason you can't keep up is because there is more people throwing boxes onto your belt then there are people sorting. When they screw up the ratio of unloader to sorter I'd turn the belt off and make them wait any time my egress was an issue, safety first. Don't do that during your first 30 days though wait till after you are in the clear. They'll try discipline if they are dumb and it turns it over to the union, you'll win.
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    setting a shining example for the new-hires I see :D

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    Yes i did. Had my 2nd child at 20, 2 weeks before my 21st birthday. 3rd child at 25 and 4th child at 27. Lol
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    Wanna go out for drinks ?
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  17. Brownies...mmm

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    At least I warned you Grim.
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    GRIMLOCK New Member

    Yeah, nothing im not already use to. Males r males and only think with the head that hangs between their legs. just ignore those comments/questions and move on with my day. Lol
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  19. oldupsman

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    Don't take any of it personal. It's all in good fun. You can get some really good advice on here. You just need
    to be able to find out which people really know what they're talking about and those who don't. And the
    majority of men on this forum respect women who can do the job.
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    All u need is time. Nothing to really to freak out about. Paper test r one thing, hands on training are another.