New hires working second shift.

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    So recently my building has started a day shift running directly after the preload. They had a sign up sheet where everyone who signed up was given a position the following week, I was assigned to load. Once the double shifting started yesterday there was a new paper that stated everyone who was on the shift as well as their belts etc. I was not on this list. When I talked to the lady who ran it she basically told me that they were currently only accepting sorters and people who had more than 3 years because they hired a lot of new people to work the day sort and they are all loaders. When I asked to see a seniority list of some kind I was told no because ":censored2: would hit the fan" can I file on this or do new hires have some type of right to work over me during the holidays? I talked to a steward but he wasn't sure.
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    I'd file.
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    Tell the lady that's the point. If someone has more seniority then you and both your names are on it then you should be there.

    Here we have someone that calls you and asks. They just go down the list.
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    I haven't found anything under the contract about seasonal bids