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    I started paid training on Oct. 11th, Nov. 15th I was in a car accident, broke my foot and won't be able to put weight on it, let alone work, for 6-8 weeks. Haven't heard anything back from HR yet, don't know if this is a FMLA type of thing or what, and/or if any contract even applies (was hired after the cutoff date for 'seasonal' employees).

    Any advice? I'd like to have a job to return to.
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    Doesn't sound like you made seniority, so my guess is no job waiting. Then again, it depends on your UPS franchise contract. Stuff happens and I'm sure if you were a "good worker", you may be invited back. I "good worker", because that also varies from franchise to franchise.
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe! Sorry to hear about your dilema and broken foot.

    You need to talk Human Resources and or your supervisor to see where you stand.
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    Or sit, in this case Tony.:wink2:
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    It's more like hobble at this point :P ...I try to take the crutches and walk around outside, but the whole apt. complex is on a hill, so there's steps everywhere.

    Hopefully I heal quickly, maybe get back and do small sort or something less demanding for a few weeks between when i can stand again and when i can actually move again.
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    If you come back, they will only take you when you have a full release.
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    Good luck, keep us updated wherever you may [-]stand[/-] sit or hobble..:wink2: