New Mail-Flying to Weigh on FedEx

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    New Mail-Flying to Weigh on FedEx - Yahoo

    FedEx Express, a unit of FedEx Corporation (FDX'>FDX), is expected to lose about $400 million when a new federal mail-flying contract is negotiated in 2013.

    FedEx Express signed a contract with the U.S. Postal Service (Other OTC:USPS.PK - News) for airport-to-airport delivery of priority mail, express mail and first-class mail within the United States. The contract is set to expire in 2013.
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    Smith won't lose anything.

    He'll just deduct if from wages and benefits mostly in the blue collar sector.
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    Transportation managers for the USPS just figured out they can save 400 million dollars a year by shuttling priority mail on trucks unstead of jets criss-crossing the country. The USPS could possibly use UPS to transport priority mail.