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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by loserupser, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. loserupser

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    Starting new thread here. Its amazing how I suck but as soon as i get a new manager i suck even more,(time allowance). Funny how operation managers change the allowance to favor certain managers, and make other managers look bad. I still get in at the same time I always get in but now im double the over allowed, and im heavier stop count wise and extra pickups.:confused2:
  2. pretzel_man

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    They really have no ability to change allowances for any individual manager. The standers and systems just don't work that way. There are also way too many controls for that to happen.

    I'm not saying your allowance is right. I'm not saying that something hasn't changed. I'm just saying that the cause cannot be what you said.

  3. Channahon

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    Just an FYI - operations managers do not make changes to any allowances. What do you know about UPS systems, who has access and the process for changing allowances in a center?

    Have any other drivers been affected the same way? Or just your route?

    If something has changed, and you should ask your on car sup or manager what is causing you to be double your overallowed with all the extra work you stated you now have on your route.

    Then if you don't agree with the changes, you ask for the center team to either get you a new time study or show you how you can make your allowance.

    You don't have to give the notion that it's UPS management making improper changes to your allowances. January is a typical time of year for management changes, and if you think a division manager would change center allowances from one manager to another, for the sake of making the new manager look bad, well what sense does that make?

    The division manager is ultimately responsible for their operational results.
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    I agree on with other posters regarding time allowance...For the most part they are very flawed so don't get to worked up about them..

    They can't fire you for production but just harrass you with other things! Stand clear of them and do the best you can and that is all you can do and if you do get fired then there will be not much you can do. Support you UNION and hopefully things will work out!
  5. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    Unfortunately when your stop count goes up your allowances go down. They call it density. It is assumed you can do the stops alot faster because they assume they are closer together. You know what the real meaning of assume is right?:dissapointed:
  6. pretzel_man

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    I think you're also assuming how the allowances work.

    My understanding of the system is that you get:

    - An allowance for each stop delivered.
    - An allowance for each package.
    - Some additional allowances that are dependant on what you do (COD for instance)
    - A to / from allowance to travel to and from the area.
    - A travel allowance for the miles driven on area.

    Density doesn't really change the allowance. Its true however, that if you have more stops, you'll deliver more stops per mile, right? The allowance however is based on the miles you drive, and not the density.

    BTW, many of the allowances are dependent on which unit you pickup or deliver in, but they are fixed for the unit.

    I think I'm right. If someone with more knowledge can chime in that would be good....

  7. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    All I know is whenever I complain about suddenly being overallowed with alot more stops, this is what I am told. That somehow the density changes things and I end up over allowed. I actually drive alot more miles when I have more stops because most of the time that means I have to double-trip, but it doesn't seem to help the over allowed problem.
  8. pretzel_man

    pretzel_man Well-Known Member


    I don't think they understand...

    Remember, in general, your allowance is broken into three pieces:
    - To / From Travel (this should be unaffected by density)
    - Time at the stop (if you're overallowed in this portion of your day, I would guess that more stops would increase that --- but not because of density)
    - On Area Travel (Again, if you're overallowed here, more travel will make you more overallowed)

    I am NOT trying to say that your allowance is right. I'm just trying to explain to you how it works.

  9. scratch

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    Industrial Engineering does the time allowance, not the Center management Team. I had one done a couple of months ago, although I have never heard the results. No news is good news, right?

    Pretzel_man posted a lot of the elements that go into time allowances. I would add that the speed limits affect the allowance, number of traffic lights, stop signs, etc. do effect your times.
  10. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Has your route had a time study performed recently? If not then it should not have changed.
  11. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    every route in our center has had "changes" made in time allowances without the benefit of a time study over the past few route for example was last time studied 4 yrs. ago.....112 stops=9.1 hrs. this past week 135 stops=8.16 hrs. I've asked for answers repeatedly for the drastic changes and I've never received an the way my route is still basically the same regarding the number of commercial and residential deliveries and pickups...I do drive any extra 5-10 miles more on area than in the past due to increased NDA stops...there hasn't been a time study performed on any route in our center for close to 2 years
  12. Captain America

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    I am sitting on a 20 year old time study! wheeeee:punk:
  13. tourists24

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    I actually got a time study a couple of years back. Not sure if it didnt work or if Im just that big of a slug. I still run about 2 hrs over every day. On a humorous note though; the same IE who did my time study came to our center a few weeks later and had to hop on my car all day with me to help (cant even remember why). The next day I looked at the report; with our 4 hands and one board I still ran an hour over
  14. dillweed

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    You don't suck and you never did. Management just tells us that to try and break us down. Don't let them succeed and don't ever depend on them for your self worth.
  15. trplnkl

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    Allowances? Time studies? hmmmm NOT in contract, does NOT compute.
  16. wily_old_vet

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    I'm guessing the double tripping is what is causing your way over compared to before. Do you double trip every day? If not on the days you don't how far over are you? Someone who has worked with the standards can probably tell you if I'm right or not.
  17. wornoutupser

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    Time Study? What the heck is that Tie?

    I run up to 4 hrs over a day on a run that has not been studied in over 20 years!
  18. tieguy

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    way to go hammer. You know your cover driver is only 3.5 hours over when he runs it...:happy-very:
  19. Jones

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    Dang, and I thought I was bad. UPSer' should do a special story on you :wink2:
  20. wornoutupser

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    With the exception of a few runs, my entire building is this way. Just remember, PAS will sovle everything when it arrives!