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    I'm glad I found this forum, a place to chat with other UPS'ers who might know what's going on a little better than my co-workers. I have a lot to talk about, but for now an introduction..

    Not going to use my real name or location, but I work in South Carolina. I don't know if management would ever get mad if I complain or say something I should not (unknowingly, of course).

    I have worked in the Hub as a PAS clerk for 4 years, been an RTD package car driver for the last 3 seasons (although last season only drove 1.5 months:dissapointed:), and drive Saturday air for almost 2 years now (almost at top pay:happy-very:). They let me drive saturdays because frankly they need people, and I'm much cheaper than paying a ground driver to come in (they don't want to, so there's no grievance issues). I desperately want a full time driving job. I have 2 kids and work 2 jobs and my other one is killing me mentally. The way things were going before the economy went sour I should have landed a cover position by now, which is fine by me, it's full time and they send you home sometimes, ok by me. In 08 I drove from June-Dec which was great, I work all week(most weeks) plus sat(OT air rate) and made plenty of money. But then in 09 we kept getting told that not this week, maybe next, then not this month, maybe next, and then not at all that year. I was really disappointed, not to mention broke. But then in November we went driving, as Christmas was much busier than last year. It wasn't worth much, but I'm glad I drove some. Right now I still drive sat and scan packages on the midnight. Work up in a tower, almost never see/hear a supervisor and have the easiest job in the building. So that's where I'm at right now, would love to double shift but these bastards hire new people instead of using who they have, we have very few full timers. They are paying way too much on me in benefits to only use me 4 hours, it's crazy, but it's part of a greater strategy for them. So I'm thankful for my job, and my benefits, but really want to go driving, at least a full season of RTD this year if not full-time. The plus side is, volume is much higher this year than last. That's a great thing. But who knows, they're trying to squeeze every nickel.
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    It's sometimes difficult to understand when you don't look at the whole company as to why we do things the way we do. If we work P/T employees in the hub double shifting, then we loose 2 P/T employees and end up with 1 F/T employee. That means less flexibility for the company. Your time will come. Stay positive, this is a great company.
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    I can understand that point, but when I'm not one of the many "kids" doing P/T and I am 37 years old with a family AND willing to dedicate myself to this company, it's disheartening to not even be able to work a "full" job. My time is running out. I am having a lot of pressure from family to go back to school and do something else. I want to stay with UPS, I have been there longer than any job in my life, but working weird hours is really killing me, and I can't find a decent second job. We're on public assistance(not medicaid, of course) for crying out loud! That's friggen sad!
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    i feel for you but most of us have been there done that. when i frist started the first words out of a spuervisor mouth were a lie, imagine that. "jim if you work one year loading package cars we will put out as a full time driver." well six years later i was finally given the oportunity to go full time. so hang in there you are getting close.
  5. DOL's Comments:

    Long Posts like Yours make me bypass them and I don't know what your issue is. I have ben BC-scolded in ther past for not reading the whole Post of a Poster, but.....

    I have 20+ years with UPS as a Manager.

    Your Post is kind of confusing, but I want toi tell you to just talk to your Supervisort. It's all about relationships............
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe! Nice that you've found us. Looks like you have a lot to share and I think you'll find valuable information here as well!

    Good luck!:peaceful:
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    I can't edit posts here? I messed up the quote in my above reply.

    EDIT: Oh, I see. I waited too long.
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    I know it's an old thread, but I'm back, many years later. Still with UPS, still just part time. This is getting ridiculous. Last bid I was next in line or almost next in line to go driving full time. The cover drivers have all gone bid route or FEEDERS even. So they have an RTD driver with a huge route knowledge now. Lately it seems I get put on the hardest route they have available. Confuses me cause I'm not a super fast A1 driver type, but I do work diligently, use my head, and don't give up. Maybe that's worth something. Just been trying to take care of my job and my body. I've been with UPS almost 8 years now. I REALLY hope to go full time next year, my family needs it. I came back to the forums to talk about this, and to talk about ORION, funny I could not find recent threads on it. I thought it would be a hot button issue. I'm not here to just bash it, although I do need to vent like any driver I imagine. I was one of it's biggest proponents in the beginning, but have become very frustrated in trying to give management what it wants. It's very difficult, I haven't seen any results and I just want to talk about it from a driver and supervision perspective. I still think it's a good idea, but I see serious problems in how it's being implemented.