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    Whats up guys,

    Possible p/t package handler here.

    I've done a lot of lurking over the past day or so and have a pretty good general idea of what to expect if I take/get the job at UPS. Lots of physical labor, soups bitching at you to go faster than fast, soups lying right to your face, etc.

    Sounds just about like everywhere else, except it starts at 8.50 with potential to go to 9/10.50 quickly, benefits after a year, and a set schedule! which is what I like almost the most.

    Anyway here's what happened for me. I applied online for an opening at my local UPS facility, and I do believe the website showed an opening. As soon as I applied, I was scheduled for a tour set up 3 days later (tomorrow, 7PM).

    On the site it said this was for a temporary, part time position. The very next day I got an email saying this was wrong. This is far from temporary as can be, and applicants have to commit a year. So I was like great! Even better!

    Now here's my main question:

    I am a 19 year old kid, who's planning on getting a bachelors in accounting. I'm a few semesters away from finishing my associates right now. Do you guys think I should take the job if I can?

    I'm pretty fit, so I don't think the physical aspect will kill me once I get used to it. And from what I've read, the soups can talk as much :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: as they want but as long as you don't royally screw up/totally suck at your job they can't really fire you and will probably be long gone before you are. I suppose I can deal with that for 4 hours a day 5 days a week (weekends off, woo!).

    I'm curious as to what the possibilities are for moving up with such a degree? Probably not too many right? From what I've read it's either stick around for 8+ years and try for driver or got P/T Soup and be doomed. However, it seems fairly easy to get a soup job from what I've read.

    I don't think I would mind driving the truck if the wait time wasn't too long. At the same time though, if I do well in my major I could be making that much in a potentially shorter period of time. Maybe getting in as PT handler, then going P/T Soup would look good for my resume?

    Idk, what do you guys think?


    Do you guys think this would be an excellent job for a 19 year old college student, who's not sure what to do in life anyway? Everything about it sounds right to me, just looking for opinion.

    I'll post back and let everyone know how the tour goes tomorrow. Hopefully they have somewhere there to do interview 2 right after the first one. I know nothing, but judging from the emails and such I've gotten it seems like they really need some fresh slaves.

    I plan on wearing a 3-button polo shirt, some casual jeans, and a hat. I'm a guy with semi-long hair, wearing the hat to keep hair out of my face and such. Does that sound OK? I think I can defini[SIZE=2]tely get the job just[SIZE=2] because of all the research I've done. I'[SIZE=2]m going to tell HR that [SIZE=2]the main reason I want the [SIZE=2]job at [SIZE=2]UPS is so that I can [SIZE=2]start my CAREER at a young age, eventually become a driver, and also get into top notch physical shape as[SIZE=2] an added bonus. [SIZE=2]Basically, I[SIZE=2]'m going to make this guy thi[SIZE=2]nk that I want to stay at [SIZE=2]UPS [B]forever.[/B] Even if that may not be the case lol. Who kn[SIZE=2]ow[SIZE=2]s though, it may e[SIZE=2]nd up being the case.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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    Relax----you are over-thinking this. You are more than qualified for the job. My preloader is also a college student---the job is ideal with his schedule.
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    I've just never had a chance to get anything remotely close to a "good job" so I'm excited. The best jobs I ever had were in local restaurants. This has the potential to go into a career so that's just cool to me haha. Plus EVERY other job I had the schedule was up-down all around work this day oh nevermind, we know you drove all the way here but we actually don't need you so go home if you don't like it too bad type deal.

    Plus for some reason my whole life I've gravitated towards being up in the night and sleeping in the day, so working AM shift wouldn't be bad for me what so ever. Plus that gets a little extra pay. If I got a job paying 10.50 an hour I would crap my pants! Even though it's not even a big deal and the work will be very strenuous.

    Even with all the negativity I've seen from people about the job, I'm still extremely excited. Most of those posters seem like crappy people who just look for things to complain about anyway.

    I'll post back with an update on how the tour went tonight, and if they do the second interview on the spot which I'm hoping for.

    Do you think I'll be ok with the hat, or should I wear like....a hairband to keep my hair back. It's not long enough for a pony-tail but I don't like using a hairband cause it's kinda girly. But some people look at a hat as disrespect and not a hair maintenance device....Idk I'm used to being discriminated on because of my long hair lol so I always worry. Not because I care but because I want employment lol. From what I've read I don't think my hair will be a problem. It's just crazy looking if I don't contain it somehow.

    Thanks for the reply :)
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    I've seen people wearing everything from just shy of full formal attire to just above hobo on the streets. I showed up in a clean t-shirt and shorts with long hair and a beard.

    I didn't see any time listed other than when you're expected for the tour. I work on the midnight shift in my hub, start time around 11ish pm, get home between 4-5 am usually. This works well for the early morning classes if you want to sleep through the day. If you're in for a preload shift, which lets out before 9am, I've not worked it but I'm sure they don't work after that since the drivers need to be on the road. You could catch later morning early afternoon classes or evening classes. I haven't checked in years but there was a tuition reimbursement that if available you should really take advantage of.

    A degree in accounting, I'm sure there's a use for that in UPS, but I have no clue if it's accessible through the normal PT sup ranks you'd join easily after being hired or if there's some sort of outside hire thing for it.

    Best of luck to you for the tour/interview though.
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    Quick update, went back for a second tour today for the preload shift, and an interview. The first tour he had us call back the next day within a certain time window, and said let me know if you think you'd like mornings more.

    I was the only one from the first tour on the new tour, and the only guy from the new tour to get an interview afterwords.

    I could have done better, but it was my first ever interview and I was worried about my crap employment history, which I told the guy straight up.

    He told me he likes me, but right now I'm just waiting for the BG check to go through, which it will. He said when it does he'll call me to set up an interview with the SOUP of the operation at the hub I'll be working at. He said as long as I do good in an interview with that guy I should be good.

    So I'm pretty confident I'm in. No guarantees, but the HR guy told me

    "To get hired at UPS three things have to happen..I have to be interested in you, which I am, then you have to pass a background check. Then you have a second interview with a supervisor and you're in"

    So we'll see what's good. I sent the HR guy a thank-you email as I got home, and I'll wait about 5 or 6 days before I give him a ring. Hopefully I won't have to do too much chasing, but I feel pretty good about everything. And not in anyway talking down but based on the people I saw already employed, I'll be cool and fit in well lol.

    Funny side story from the tour--------

    The HR guy plucked a package off the loading line and passed it around so everyone could feel it an this big ol girl next to me just dropped the hand off. Let it roll out of her hands straight to the ground lol. Right on the corner. Talk about embarrassing. You know the HR guy was like damn definitely not hiring her! lol

    Another thing is this one guy had a stronnnng accent and was trying to say "exhausted" when asked how they might feel after a days work. The HR guy couldn't understand, asked 3 times and on the third time was like oh well ok yeah anyway.....and went on lol.....The guy was saying it like "eh zawww shud" lol I understood but HR didn't. Felt bad for the guy.