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    I'm a new member, my first post after finding you guys this morning. Really appreciate the info I've already found just reading others posts. My question, I left UPS in 1996, 9 years part time sorter and 12 year package car driver, after a knee injury forced me out. Despite exhaustive efforts (ADA accomodation requests sure didn't carry much weight) to get back on the horse, I was denied by the company due to two operations and the restrictions placed on me by my doctor. So, at 40, I went back to school and I've been teaching and coaching at a middle school for the past 14 years. After linking through to the site, I checked my pension info this morning. I found only the 12 years of full time driving listed as a pension benefit. Wondering if, or how, I'll get the part time pension? Again, many thanks for the information you guys on the board present, sure is a blessing.
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    Contact the Union Local.
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    It sounds as though you may fall under the company plan for your PT years and the Teamster plan for your FT years.

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