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    New here...I have some catching up to do! I stumbled on this site actually while looking for H.R. on upsers and I,ll vent here a little before trying to contact someone at HR.
    Anyway, today I had a huge problem with the shop at my notoriously bad reputationed N.J. terminal where I have worked as a road driver since 2006! As you guys by now know its sometimes difficult to get your way in general with UPS... because its their way or the highway! Like I said I have to catch up on your previous posts as Im sure Im not the 1st to whine about our lovely EQUIPMENT (ours is 10 times worse, just because nobody gives a rats ass at my terminal, including managment )!
    The same tractor that I been using for a few years now is at 845,000 miles and badly needs front springs and bushings... the shackles/bearings are riding on metal to metal! To ad insult to injury the unit has not been pm'ed since July of 2011...going on 80,000 miles on same oil (I have the little old M11 cummins).
    I have pleaded with my shop; managment; and even the shop in Harrisburg.
    I have been writing it up (non safety issue) since last summer...last not they red tagged it, so I said finally! After carefully picking another tractor for the night, I come back in the morning to find my tractor almost abandonded looking practically parked in the middle of the yard!
    I ask the the shop what happened, nothing was done to it and new parts still laying on the shop floor.....and was told to F#@& off!!
    I thought to my self that wasn't neighborly like, so when straight to the TM office and explained!

    My question is, at what point do I become a rat or say enough is flipping enough..... and rat this hole Fnn... terminal out!