New national labor relations board charge against ups

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    UPS Corporation [UPS Ground Freight]
    Case 32-CA-25150
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    Out of curiosity, I went to the NLRB's Unfair Labor Practice search page and entered UPS FREIGHT in the Search Text field. There are 72 ULP cases including this new one:

    Unfair Labor Practice (Complaint Case) Case Information Display
    Case Name: UPS Corporation (UPS Ground Freight)
    Case Number: 32-CA-25150-001
    Date Case Filed: 06/14/2010
    Date Complaint Issued: No Complaint Was Issued.
    Date Case Closed: Case Is Not Closed.
    Dispute State/Zip/Region: NV/ 89434/ Region 32
    Appeal Determination: No Appeal Determination Data Available.
    Advice Determination: No Advice Determination Data Available.
    A.L.J. Determination: No ALJ Determination Data Available.
    Board Determination: No Board Determination Data Available.
    Regional Action(s): No Regional Action data available.
    Section(s) of the Act: 8(a)(1)Coercive Statements, including Threats
    Close Method: No Close Method Data Available.
    Close Timing: No Close Timing Data Available.
    NAICS Code: Couriers and Express Delivery Services
    Charged Party: UPS Corporation (UPS Ground Freight)
    Union Name: No Union Data Is Available.
    Employer Name: No Employer Data Is Available.
    Case Status: Investigation