New nuclear reactors??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Good news!
  3. Baba gounj

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    These past two winters in the UK and Europe have been real killers.
    With the extreme record cold freezing up the wind turbines, just when the people need the extra power.
    Nice to see some one planning ahead.
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    And you wing nuts think obama is so pro-environment?? No he is just being the centrist that he is trying to balance clean energy and very strong dirty energy forces. He is for off shore drilling and nuclear energy as well as wind and solar but is against (i hope) the tar sands dirty fuels and expanding in the artic. He is a realist not the ideologue so many of you on the right wing portray him as. I guess that is what scares you guys so much: he is alot like clinton-Pragmatic and centrist. If he truly was the ideologue you say he is (and that I wish he was), he would not be polling at or about 50%.
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    I'm happy to see more reactors being built. There are already some at this site, the Southern Company hasn't had any problems with them.
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    I'd be happier if I thought any energy policy would drive cost down for the consumer. I fear it will be only energy suppliers that see the greatest benefit.
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    "...hasnt had any problems with them" YET!!
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    We don't have to worry about earthquakes and tidal waves near Augusta, GA. That reactor design in Japan was nothing short of ridiculous. We mainly use coal plants and a little bit of hydo in this part of the country. Solar and wind just isn't going to cut it.