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    Has anyone else been "corrected" for crossing the street to your stop to the left side of your car by passing the front of the car? I've never been told this, nor had any of the other old time chaps here. Yet now the new, ahem, old rule was to always approach these stops around the rear of your parked car. Seems to me my parents taught me how to cross a street a really long time ago, and to date..... I have somehow survived. Isn't a wonderful thing to be cared for so much?
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    There is a movement taking place to take the methods that we have loved for productiivity purposes and also teach them to improve our safety picture thought the teaching should always have been one and the same. In the process a fanaticisim with the methodology is taking place in a constant effort to search for and find the best methods to do the job to eliminate injuries and accidents. many of those methods will stay consistent some will change. You will see new methods added as we learn from past injuries and accidents and thus develop new methods. The hope is that we can somehow get our drivers to be every bit the fanatics of methodology that we are. Previous threads here have shown that drivers do not want to undertake the teachings of methods as if they were getting a black belt in Karate. Its best you pay attention to the changes and roll with the punchs. As goofy as some of it is I do think you can learn a lot that will help you. I've come to a point where I not only use them at work but also in my personal vehicle. they're just plain a better way to do things.

    I will now await the dog pack who will soon start howling that my above statement is somehow an endorsement for firing squads.:funny:

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    I had an on-road once tell tell me that no 'method' is 100%. If you have the same house call every day on your vehicle there will be a day that you either park in a different place, or walk through the yard instead of up the driveway. The world doesn't stop nor does the sky fall...
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    We are taught to cross behind the pkg car and to train our helpers to do the same. The theory is traffic in the same travel lane can more easily see if you cross behind the PC and you can watch traffic in the oncoming lane from the safety of being behind the PC.
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    That's how I do it, but I still feel very vulnerable. You are at the mercy of whatever fool comes down the road. About a year ago, a 16 year old girl in the next town over lost her legs. She was standing behind her car when it was rear-ended by a drunk driver. Believe me, that is always on my mind when I'm standing back there waiting to cross the road.
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    Learn and follow the all the methods the best you can, because that is what you are paid to do. The only time a on-road wants you not to follow the methods is for production, but that is BS, because it will be your butt, not the on-road's, if you choose not to follow them.
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    I do agree with the mechanics of it, and can see what they are trying to accomplish. I was taken back when it was projected to us as "It's been around forever & that they couldn't believe we'd never heard of it." Not long after a driver was verbally warned for being observed not following it. Later when we were in a safety meeting, we were being told how there has been a huge shift in the company where safety comes now before production. I was asked by my supervisor on how they could make the drivers believe this new ideology, my suggestion was to do away with the WOR completely, and replace it with a daily report of how safely we worked on prior days.
    Somehow, I really don't think the daily OR is going anyplace other than it's always been if we run over allowed. Picked up & handed to us the next day. It reminds me of another childhood schooling, "don't do as I do, do as I say". Where we receive our pay from them, we must comply, it just feels like we get placed on thinning ice with so many double standards, which prompts one more, "Damned if you do, and damned if you don't" (sorry).
    Hope everyone found a little Irish in them yesterday and had a great St. Patty's Day.
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    Learning a new route, and the center manager at the wheel, I was shown how to speed through residential streets, and in his words, "This is where you can save time". And I'm not kidding.
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    John, the method of crossing from behind the car is not a new here. I was trainned to do that when I started driving. On the other hand, I was also trained that it was OK to exit by the driver's door if traffic was clear. I know, complete opposite theories. At some point in time, nearly everything I was taught on my training area was debunked by a later supervisor.
    If you ask three sups how to do the same function, you will likely get three different answers.
  10. trplnkl

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    BTDT, except my sup was making U-turns in the middle of the block to go back to a missed stop. His excuse was ......wait for it....... it takes too long to go around the block. NO, I'm not kidding or making it up.
    This is the same sup that after taking a driver out of service while on a "I'll catch him doing something wrong" ride for recording in the package car, was caught on cell phone video.....recording in the PC( smae day, same PC, same driver).
    Fast forward...........this same sup in now a center manager.
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    Agreed, and the ice gets thinner, and slicker too!
  12. brownmonster

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    You can have safety and OK production. You can't have safety and the production UPS expects, yet the areas keep getting more spread out with more stops. I shake my head.
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    Only if you don`t use the five safe habits for shooting an hourly employee.
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    Its a new time at UPS, the company is always finding new methods and new procedures, I believe the push right now is:
    A. to actually make a difference or
    B. to justify their jobs.
    either way the only thing we can do is TRY to accomplish our goals and get the one thing that should be there every friday...OUR CHECKS!!!!! You cant believe how mad my center manager got when he found out our CEO figured out a way to increase his income by 6% while they witheld my bosses raise in the name of the greater good. Its a dog-eat-dog company and the mgmt are chewing on each others tails as much as they are chewing on ours. Remember every day to work SAFE, smile, and dont answer a question too quicky, because they may have an ulterior motive. I despise the direction and cut-throat actions this company is taking, but I've put too much time in to start over.
  15. Signature Only

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    Actually, I think that's a good way of approaching the job. Always look for a better way to do things, especially in the area of safety. Crossing behind the car saved me from getting run over by a drunk who wanted to have some fun one night. I got away with a minor injury.
  16. BROWN430

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    But make sure you pull your mirror in. That's our hot topic now. if they are that close to the truck that they are going to hit the mirror then chances are the truck will get hit also.
  17. cosmo1

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    I absolutely refuse to do that. No way am I going to stick my arm, head and shoulders out of the truck on a busy street to reset the mirror.
  18. over9five

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    Sorry, but on this one I completely disagree with the company. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your own safety. Crossing the road behind the PC leaves you NOWHERE to hide from an oncoming car. Crossing in front of the PC is the safest way. The PC is protecting you from being hit.

    Sure, crossing behind means they can see you better. WHO CARES? I'd rather have 20,000 pounds of package car between me and them.
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  19. toonertoo

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    It does not matter what you/I think, this is what we are told to do. I know I felt safer jumping out my d door, than walking behind the truck. And its faster. Its an envelope, I can see down the road, my parents taught me long before UPS to look Left right left. I also hate delivering out of the back on a road or highway, but it happens. Im constantly watching to see who is on the phone or otherwise predisposed, and is going to chop me at the knees.
    But that is what they pay me to do, everything takes longer, but they call it safer, so be it.
  20. dilligaf

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    It's the 'flavor' of the day. We are told to cross behind as well. I will exit from the driver side on occasion (if I have a smalls), but I make damn sure there is no traffic coming.

    When I first started driving our sup was telling us that the only way to exit the truck was to back down the step. That didn't last long.