New Online Destination Answers Small Business Owners' Plea for More Support

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    "Small Business Solutions" Portal Helps Small Business Owners Promote, Protect and Manage their Business

    Coming on the heels of a recent small business-focused brand repositioning, The UPS Store® today launched its Small Business Solutions portal, giving small business owners access to the help they need in one convenient online destination.

    The Small Business Solutions portal helps small business owners by allowing them to focus on what they do best while leveraging the expertise of service providers that help protect, promote and manage their businesses. The portal gives small business owners access to exclusive offers from various service providers in key areas of their business, such as:

    IT support from DotComGuy
    Financial services from Kabbage
    Live receptionist service from ReceptionHQ

    Other partner offers to be added later this month include promotional marketing products from ezprints and website and Internet marketing services from

    The site also includes a small business-focused blog, tips and resources from small business experts, such as SCORE. It also features an opportunity to find inspiration from and network with other small business owners.

    New research* from The UPS Store shows small business owners feel they don't always have the level of support they need to cope with their daily challenges. As a business made of locally owned franchises, The UPS Store plans to provide small business owners with that support through a diverse array of solutions providers.

    "We know firsthand the kinds of challenges small business owners face, and we offer solutions that work," said Michelle Van Slyke, vice president of marketing and small business solutions. "Our goal is to make it easier for small business owners to run their day-to-day operations."

    In addition, The UPS Store offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in all stages of the business lifecycle. Not only can small business owners receive well-recognized services like packing and shipping, printing, faxing, direct mail and mailbox services, but The UPS Store also will work with business owners to develop custom solutions to ensure their unique business needs are met.

    "The Small Business Solutions portal provides an additional layer to the services we already offer small business owners," said Van Slyke. "We want small business owners to know we're here for them."

    For more information, visit the Small Business Solutions portal at

    * The UPS Store worked with an external agency to conduct research between August and December 2011. Research was conducted via a national online survey, ethnographic study, first-person journals, and interviews with small business experts including Manta, Inc., CEB, IFA, SCORE, Logistics Management and Bloomberg.