New Orleans Best Hub/Center to work for in area ?

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    I am transferring to the New Orleans area, and I would like some insight on the best location to work at down there (Harvey, Metaire, NOLA East or others I don't know about). I am at a large hub right now with 9 years of seniority, and about 5-7 years left before I can start cover driving and transitioning into full time. I know guys with 13 years that just became cover drivers at my location, and I would rather not be forced into the same situation.

    Im not even sure that I want to go full time (package). Guess I have gotten complacent working inside the hub, but I would like the option if I ever decided I wanted to (especially feeders). Anyway I'm interested in all the insight I can get about the New Orleans area.

    I'm mainly concerned with seniority, and how long it takes to go full time but shift/sort time options (TWI, Pre, Mid, Noon, Sunrise etc), but any and all information is appreciated; especially ft feeder options.

    PS. I don't know why it took me so long to join this forum. I have been a UPSer for almost a decade, and always come here to find answers about the company; just never joined. Ok guys thanks in adv.
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    One 15 feet or more above sea level.
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    funny, but dont think that is going to happen.
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    Any hub will be fine. Its ups they will treat you with respect. Now back to work.
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    You're not going to want the New Orleans hub. Driving around is a complete nightmare in a compact car, much less a 5 ton Freightliner. The other hubs are quite small but the areas are far more easy to deal with. Aside from Harvey and Elmwood, look into Covington, Houma, and Hammond. All driver friendly areas. They are all in the 3 to 4 year range in terms of going from rock bottom to full time driver.
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    Thanks for the info. I would like to work in 1 those areas but they are a tad bit out of range from where I will be located. Ill be about 5 miles from the Harvey 6 from the Elmwood facility. Houma Hammond and Covington are a tad bit out the way. Thanks again for your input.
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    Folks in the 9th Ward didn't think Katrina would ever happen.
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    Well looks like I ended up in New Orleans. Elmwood and Harvey filled their openings prior to receiving my request. How long is the FULL time wait there? I could have waited for a spot to open up but I would have to go without my medical insurance for a few weeks. That is not feasible with a new born, so I had to take it.