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    I am supposed to take my road test some point this week to go to driving school and I just wanted to know what I should be expecting. I know that you need to know all the information they give you, which I do, and that you need to know how to drive a stick (which I do). I just hear a lot about people failing once they get sent to the school so I'd like to gather whatever information is helpful so I can do my best. Thanks.
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    In order to pass Intergrad you need to know the safety drivel verbatim. Also it wouldn't hurt to have a great attitude while you are down at Intergrad.
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    I feel bad for you . you say you are about to take road test ? you must have been with the company at little while at least? and you dont have a clue what to expect? what are you trolling for?
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    Learn how to search internet forums and you might have a chance
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    What is your current job title at UPS ??? How long have you been working at UPS ????