New preloader, wants to help as a driver helper

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  1. Starting my second week tonight as a preloader in a busy urban hub on the west coast.

    I'm very smart, do my job and shut up, and wanna be a UPS Driver one day.

    What's your opinion on a newbie preloader asking to help as as a driver helper on busy days, or any day for that matter.

    PS: Last week I randomly asked if I could help out as a driver helper. Management was very open and responsive in allowing me to do so (and I did very well and had fun). The driver said I did great and we had a good time and I loved helping him out.
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  3. :happy:thanks
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    The use of helpers is limited to certain times of the year based on location. I am surprised that you were put on road last week, although I did hear that it was quite busy due to the holiday.
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    No helpers allowed in my local after Christmas.
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    Yeah it does sound kinda wierd that they put you on as a helper and nobody else wanted to do it because when not in peek a helper makes top pay rate
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    Keep saying yes when they ask.... they will eventually call u in a majority of the time due to ur reliability. Only expect to work during holidays.

    I wish they'd just hire more FT drivers instead of over packing cars and hiring a PT helper to do the leg work. Nahhhhhh!

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  8. Aww. So you can't just be a driver helper on normal days? That sucks.