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    New to the site --

    I was just inquiring about the stages of being hired as a PT Package Handler. I have read a few threads that relate to my question but here is my situation:

    Toured Tuesday, Interview Thursday. I was offered the position and told that I would either start 11/4/2014 or 11/11/2014 but would be wait listed behind the others first. I said okay and expected it to be a couple weeks before I heard anything. They called the next day and left a voicemail asking if I was still interested in the position and to give them a call back. I've called everyday since but can't get ahold of anyone, all I get is voicemail.

    Can anyone else relate or have any advice as to what I should do? Or what I should expect?
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    Okay so you got their voicemail..leave a message. Maybe they'll call you back, maybe they won't. Not much else to say on the subject...we can't predict the future.