New PT pre loader with questions about the union.

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    Hi guys,

    I just got hired this week at a local center. I am really excited about this job because I have been trying to get on with UPS since I moved to New Orleans a year ago for school. I had applied for pre loader position at the main hub last year, but I never heard back after the interview. A couple weeks ago I noticed an opening in one of the nearby centers, two interviews and an orientation later and here I am about to start Monday.

    I've been trying to find out how do you become a member of the union? Is it by simply getting the intiation fees taken out of my check (which I believe this will begin automatically)? Or do I have to apply for it after working for a curtain amount of time?

    Also, I know I won't have benefits for a year, but where can I find info about my health care plan?

    Thanks guys,
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe and congrats on the new job. :teethy:
  3. Your HR rep should be able to provide you with a copy of the PT Benefits - I also am thinking it should be online somewhere - maybe after you are employed?

    Can anyone else answer his questions? I was lucky enough to have my HR rep loan me a copy, but I've yet to figure out where I can actually see and read this info anytime I'd like.

  4. For the union side of things the best thing to do is find one of the shop stewards in your center and take to them. The union dedications will not be taken out automatically until after you sign the Union Card and the rep for your center puts it through. When I go in tonight I can find out for sure. as someone also mentioned is a valuable resource for you as there is a lot of things regarding your employment on there.
  5. I talked to a friend of mines who is a Union Rep for my hub and he said, that in order for you to make book, you have to work 40-days within a 70 day period. After that you will start to get benefits after a year of employment and if you have dependents it is like a 1 1/12years. He was not sure how much dues is taken out under the new contract, but your shop steward should know when you go and talk to them.