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    Hi, I am new to ups freight. I just started 3 days ago! I'm working out of the northeastern Maryland area. I was hired as a extra board driver. They gave me like 2 days training, just showed me a bunch of video, road tested me, forklift certify me, let me use the jock truck a few hours and signed a bunch of paper work! and sent me out with a driver for one night who really didn't show me much! I don't like that (ups) did not spend much time training me but they really worried about safety alot but never showed me how to use the time clock at all. how to clock in, how to dispatch, how to chance from one job to another like drop and hook or dock work or any of the other thing. or when i get to my destination how to clock in (arrival). then change duty statics. if anyone can help would appreciated? :anxious: lost
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    Hey man, I'm right there with you!

    I just started last week and was a bit overwhelmed with all the clocking in and clocking out, punching the time card, etc. along with all the other paperwork necessary.

    I'm sure I will get it eventually, but I hope UPS understands that it may take a week or so for us to get comfortable with the whole thing.

    Good luck to you.