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    Hi, I am new to ups freight. I just started 3 days ago! I'm working out of the northeastern Maryland area. I was hired as a extra board driver. They gave me like 2 days training, just showed me a bunch of video, road tested me, forklift certify me, let me use the jock truck a few hours and signed a bunch of paper work! and sent me out with a driver for one night who really didn't show me much! I don't like that (ups) did not spend much time training me but they really worried about safety alot but never showed me how to use the time clock at all. how to clock in, how to dispatch, how to chance from one job to another like drop and hook or dock work or any of the other thing. or when i get to my destination how to clock in (arrival). then change duty statics. if anyone can help would appreciated? :anxious: lost
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    Welcome to UPS! You got forklift certified...geez, you've already one uped a lot of people there I think :D

    Memorize the little plastic card they gave you on 10 point commentary, lifting and lowering and five seeing habits. As long as you follow those they're USUALLY happy...ok, usually don't yell as much as they usually do. I think most people got the same amount of training or less.
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    What plastic card?

    When I started last month, my hiring group spent officially about 1.5 days in training, and spent the rest of that second day cleaning up the dock (sweeping),

    In that 1.5 days, we watched about 7 videos, got forklift certified, did Lockout/Tagout certification, did Hazmat, and thats about it. Had to punch in on paper time clock cards until they got their crap together enough to issue us cards for the computer, then we had to learn from the other guys how to clock in and out.
  4. What the hell is giing on out there? Orientation is supposed to be approximately 40 hours of class room and a week with a mentor or certified trainer. That's per their own orientation manual. And before anyone asks, yes I am a certified trainer and stewart. I guess the "Overnite" mentality needs to beaten out of these managers. Or better yet give their walking papers and get back to doing it right. Why is it when ever managers start getting hammered on their numbers the first thing they look to sacrifice is the safety of their employees. Their own numbers reflect how counter-productive that is. I swear guys that's not how you were supposed to be trained. If you have questions or want to talk in private, drop me a private note. I will be glad to help where ever I can. That's what being a trainer is SUPPOSED to be about.
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    Stewart?? Is that the code word for company man?
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    Congrats on your new employment! We here at BrownCafe welcome you with loving open arms. We are your friends! Please remember this in a few years when you snap and go on a murderous rampage. Remember, BrownCafe = Good.
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    My manager is a leftover from OVNT. Made the transition to Brown and Gold, and is a complete waste of space. Feel free to get in touch with me, I have questions about a couple of things.
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    here at UPSF safety is first, until it becomes inconvenient or inneficient for management

    anything that happens is your fault....if you are driving and an asteroid hurdles to earth and lands on your truck, expect a chargeable

    and get ready to memorize all kinds of safety terms and phrases
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    UPSF? Whadya mean? It's that way all over the UPS "family".
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    Thank God for the Stewarts!
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    Yeah right! Safety my *****.

    After working the mini hub run from PA to NY this week I can say safety is the last thing I saw!

    I am suprised more people aren't hurt on the job! It is absolute chaos!

    Also, it's no wonder ao much freight is damaged before it gets to the customer.

    I took my time and made sure nothing was damaged while I was handling it, but I was too slow according to the dock supervisor. Meanwhile I was observing customers freight around me constantly being damaged.

    Also, I am a truck driver, not a lumper or dock worker!!!! Get some grunts to do that job. For me I am moving on. For you that do this job, good luck to you. It's not for me.
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    Bye Bye, PAD-river 5.