New sanctions against Iran imposed

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Oh boy,,, another resolution.... only 16 more and we can do something for real.... lol
    Well guess we'll have to see right?
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    Is one of the more Ben & Jerrys for them ?
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    this is bs, remember all the sanctions applied to Iraq ?
    and in the end nothing changed, so again we go down this dumb road.
    Time to allow Israel to fly over Iraq and bomb them.
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    I think eventually that will happen.
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    so far barry has not allowed them
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    "BS" no doubt....I think you mean another sovereign country than Iraq.
    There are so many Human Interest stories out there about Iran/Iraq.

    I just posted one....

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    Saudi Arabia has conducted tests to stand down its air defences to enable Israeli jets to make a bombing raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities, The Times can reveal.
    Sources in Saudi Arabia say it is common knowledge within defence circles in the kingdom that an arrangement is in place if Israel decides to launch the raid. Despite the tension between the two governments, they share a mutual loathing of the regime in Tehran and a common fear of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. “We all know this. We will let them [the Israelis] through and see nothing,” said one.
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    sorry posted wrong url.

    here is correct one...................
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    did you have your credit card handy ?
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    Gasoline shortage in Iran threatens regime.
    The problems keep piling up for the Iranian regime. It has lost its very important backers in the bazaars who went on strike to protest a massive tax increase. In the most underreported Iran-related story, workers continue to go on strikes at factories around the country. Now, the regime is facing a gasoline shortage that is causing even more angst among the populace.
    The fear of penalties from the U.S. and Europe is causing Western businesses to flee. Banks aren’t giving loans, and dozens of shipping vessels can’t get insurance. On July 26, Reuters reported that only three cargoes of gasoline had arrived for the month — coming from Turkey and China — and a fourth was expected to arrive soon from Venezuela. Between 11 and 13 cargoes of gasoline normally arrive during this time of year, so this is a major drop.
    Security forces have been deployed to major gas stations to prevent them from becoming scenes of discontent. On July 23, there were clashes in Tehran when those waiting in a long line at Roosevelt Gas Station greeted the security forces by shouting “Death to dictatorship.” On July 18, citizens angry at high fuel prices booed the security forces at a station on Mosadegh Street in Tehran, sparking clashes. Other gas stations are rationing their supply because of the shortage, resulting in very long lines that turn into public expressions of dissatisfaction. Some aren’t even operating. Half-hour long lines are being reported around Tehran and in other places such as Tabriz.
    Some workers at stations are complaining that they are receiving tainted gasoline that causes two to three percent of the substance to evaporate. The government is reportedly fining them for using poor quality gas — when the government is responsible for delivering it. Additionally, this is all happening while there are intermittent electrical shortages in Tehran. These shortages in electricity and financing are causing some factories to close for weeks at a time.
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    I read a story, not too long ago... 2 Iran passenger planes were stranded in Europe, I believe it was Frankfurt, and maybe Paris.

    Because the European boycott/sanctions also covers gasoline, even for airplanes and they would not refuel them.

    Don't know what the outcome was or if the planes are still there.
    I was gone for the week.

    But, that was pretty harsh.
    But, again sanctions are sanctions.
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    We will soon be faced with a rather ugly choice.

    Israel will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran and if we dont take decisive military action then the Israelis will do it on their own.

    The problem is...that Israel simply lacks the conventional firepower and resources to wage an extended air warfare campaign against the Iranian nuclear sites. Their strike aircraft will be operating far beyond their normal range and will have to be refuelled in midair, which will push Israels meager capabilities in this area to the limit. Israel has some of the best planes and pilots in the world but the aircraft they use are not suited to sustained, long-range bombing missions against hardened targets.

    The only realistic way for Israel to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat...will be to use nuclear weapons of their own. And if push comes to shove they will use them.

    We may be faced with 2 bad options; either to cooperate with Israel by attacking Iran with conventional weapons, or to do nothing and watch Israel nuke Iran back into the stone age. Both choices suck, but the last one sucks worse.
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    Never under estimate Israel.
    They will launch from an aircraft carrier, or even find other methods.
    (that's if Iran builds that bomb)
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    Israel does not have an aircraft carrier. Nor do they have any heavy, long -range bombers such as the B-1 or the B-52. All they have is F-15's and F-16's that have been modified to carry additional fuel tanks, but even with the additional fuel these planes cant even come close to making the 3000-mile round trip to Iran and back. They will require air-to-air refueling over hostile territory, and Israel only has 2 or 3 airborne tanker planes. There is simply no way that Israel can sustain the kind of prolonged air campaign over Iran that will be required to destroy hardened, heavily defended targets with conventional weapons. Israel also lacks the "bunker-buster" bombs that can take out underground targets.

    Most experts believe that Israel has between 80 and 120 nuclear warheads. This estimate is based upon the known plutonium-producing capability of their French-built Dimona nuclear reactor. If Israel is serious about destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities, they will have no option but to use nukes of their own.
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    The hypocrisy with many here in the past ( not you Sober) have been crying about our President bowing too much for Muslims and Asians projecting US weakness. Ironically the same crowd insist that he now bow to the Israel'ites also.....

    If push comes to shove, will a United States Presidential canidate ever be elected President that doesn't cower to the Israeli lobby here in the states and abroad ?.... Not that we have a stellar foreign policy history, and demonstrating the continuation of GW's Patriot Act Pre-emptive War efforts, with currently 100,000 troops and equpiment in Afgh and lingering forces in Iraq, are our political policy-makers really in the right state of mind to be given war advise to Israel ? The only advise the President and his advisors should give Israel is, cool your jets, literally, and let us work on sanctions together with China and Russia.