New seatbelt and bulkhead door sensors

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    Walked into my package car today and did my usual AM routine. As I sat back to put on my seatbelt, It felt different than my usual lapbelt. It was brand new and wired. We were told about it in our PCM last Monday and I have read it on here many times.

    The bulkhead door had a sensor on the frame that connected with a sensor on the door. All the wiring (including the one coming from the engine computer) led to a unit above the 3000 section of the car. From that unit, it was connected to a 6" by 12" pad that was bolted to the roof of the car (apparently the wireless sender/reciever)

    This was all done in one night! To say the least, it impressed me and scared me at the same time. For UPS to spend their money on this is a joke. Drivers are going to be threatened their jobs if the numbers aren't 100%. It just seems odd that we are not trusted by management at all.

    I was told that it won't be fully implemented til around March when all the cars are retrofitted. This is my first post ever so I will add more to it as the thread goes on
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    anyone who follows the methods doesn't have anything to worry about.
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  4. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    That is very true, and I completely agree. That being said............

    Are there not better places to spend that $$$$? At some point, UPS does actually have to trust its employees
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    Unfortunately there are those who need this electronic surveillance. I agree that the $$$$ could be better spent elsewhere.
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Getting in the habit, following the methods, I agree... Side note, Humerous to me -

    At least twice a week I end up going home at the end of the day with the keys on my ring finger. I cannot get out of a car anymore without putting the keys on my finger.
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    At the PCM, didn't they tell you what they were measuring?

    Here's a list:

    Seat belt usage
    Backing (excessive)
    Time spend idling
    harsh braking
    Bulkhead door open while driving (I think)
    using DIAD while driving
    Going off area for lunch

    So, wear your seat belt, follow methods, drive safely, turn off your engine at a stop, and follow your local rules for where and when to take lunch.

    1500 drivers have this installed right now, and based on those results there is a lot of room for improvement in these elements.

    If you're already doing these things correctly that's great. Hopefully the attention will make your fellow drivers as good as you.


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    I agree with you all.


    Obviously UPS is going to set the goal at 100%

    Now maybe you are all better drivers than me, but when people are getting fired when they lapse once-in-a-great-while, It might get ugly union-wise.

    Plus with a whole batch of DHL drivers waiting for a job :anxious: :anxious:
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    The reason why they are doing it, is because some of our idiot coworkers do not use their seatbelt, they crash and kill themselves, lawsuits result.

    If you ask me, forcing seatbelt usage is denying natural selection....

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    That's an interesting tangent.
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    I like it! I may use it as my signature...
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    And from a Security standpoint, keeping your bulkhead door closed at all times, no unauthorized packages can be put into the cargo area.

    I would hope and pray that all drivers use their seatbelts religiously, you owe to yourself and your families.
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    Question: In the newer P57's with the back doors that swing out,are we supposed to back up to a dock within a foot,open the bulkhead,swing the back doors open,walk to the front,close the bulkhead,do up the seatbelt,back up a foot take off the seatbelt,open the bulkhead and do the pickup?
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    Good question DS
  15. jw55wags

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    :funny::funny:Good question Ds. Whatever it takes.
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    Seat belts are safety devices. Nobody should neglect to use them. You have a greater chance of surviving an accident in your seat than if you were thrown around inside your cab or ejected.

    The bulkhead & door serve two purposes. The first is obvious - security. The second is safety. They keep the cargo in the cargo area and out of the cab. About 20 years ago, I remember an accident where the driver of a van was killed by his cargo. He hit another vehicle and his load slid forward and crushed him.

    My daughter will gladly endorse seat belt usage. She rolled her car at 65 MPH. She sprained her ankle when it got jammed between the brake and accelerator pedals. Thank God she was wearing her seat belt. She could have ended up an invalid or worse.
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    This has been planned for a long time. My P7 was built in September, 2005. Check out the wiring harness coming out of the floor behind my seat. Its not hooked up, and there are a few extra wiring bundles throughout the car.
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    I can't wait to the sensor start to malfunction and the drivers start getting blamed for stuff there not doing.

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    You would think that they would spend money on things to improve our work environment such as:

    - Better cooling for the driver in the summer
    - A heat vent for the package area in the winter
    (80 deg in the cab , -10 in the back (ice on floors))
    - Better compartments up front to hold personal things
    - A power supply to connect phone and radio
    (since they always want us to call center)
    - A spotlight we can control from cab to look for numbers
    (I know, Flashlight, but..)

    These are all pipe dreams but the one thing I liked about the job was that there was no boss behind your back, you do your job and go home. OH Well, I guess he'll know I've been idling my car in the winter for my lunch hour 'cause its 20 degrees. I'll just take the warning letters and look for another job.
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    Is there anything that UPS doesn't set the goal at 100%?